Botswana courts best football teams to train on its soil for 2010 WC

Already the Botswana Football Association (BFA) honorary president, Ismail Bhamjee says England will be training in Botswana ahead of the 2010 World Cup. He says he initiated the move with the late England Sports Minister Tony Banks. He says both the British High Commission in Gaborone, and the FA in England have told him that nothing will change despite the untimely death of Banks. Bhamjee hopes that English fans will stay in Botswana and travel to South Africa only to watch games. He says he has exploited his personal ties with the president of the Brazillian football governing body to ask him to bring the world champions to Botswana. “Brazil are keen about the prospect of camping here. Mozambique and Angola have also been trying to lure them, but the president (of Brazil football) is concerned about the security of the team and says he has heard about the tranquillity and political stability of Botswana, a factor that could give his team a peace of mind during the final stages of preparations,” Bhamjee says. He hopes that if countries camp in Botswana, a mini-2010 World Cup, can be witnessed here as they challenge one another for match practice. “I am busy talking to other associations I have ties with. Personal ties count a lot when it comes to these arrangements, but we hope to benefit a lot from the 2010 World Cup. Our team could also play one of the football power houses camping here,” he says. ‘ Mmegi.

March 2006
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