Colourful start to Big Brother Nigeria

Interesting episodes, as usual, have been part of the show and some housemates are already proving to be popular while others are trying to cope. The first evictee would be announced today. The 12 Nigerian housemates are gunning for a US$100 000 prize that would go to the winner at the end of the 91-day (14-week) seclusion. This is the first Big Brother show to be held in Nigeria. They are closed from the outside world in Lagos. They arrived at the seclusion houses in Lagos in Mercedes Benz cars to a resounding applause from an expectant audience that included Big Brother Africa winner Cherise. The arrival was full of pomp and style as housemates saw the last of the outside world before going in. They talked about personal experiences and expectations in the house. And then they moved in and began the first task of choosing their bedrooms. Let’s take a look at the housemates. There are six women and six men. The females include Ichemeta Ochoga (21) from the Benue State and is an undergraduate student who is single. She describes herself as “a simple and small-town girl who believes that ‘no guts, no glory’.” She seems geared for the best. Her role models are Egyptian queen Cleopatra and popular actress, singer, businesswoman Jennifer Lopez. Joan Agabi (24) is a law student who comes from Awagir and is a single mother. She describes herself as “a nice person who deserves to be allowed to express herself”. Twenty-one-year-old Francisca Owumi is a student form Lagos who looks forward to beginning a project that would benefit everyone if she wins the US$100 000 at the end of the reality show. Her role models are Alicia Keys and Brandy. “Always look your best, no matter what time” is Ifeoma ‘Ify’ Ejikeme (29) an entrepreneur from Jos Plateau State who would be looking forward to garner votes through looking her best in the house. She is single but attached. She says participating in Big Brother Nigeria is a dream come true because she has always wanted to participate in a reality show. Maureen Osuji, a 23-year-old student from Imo State who holds a BSc in Psychology, admires Whitney Houston and Wyclef Jean. She is confident that she has “great interpersonal skills” and hopes Nigerians would vote for her because of her sociability. She relaxes by reading novels, watching movies, hanging out and cooking. Helen Eremiokhale (25), a student from Imo State University, Lagos, likes thriller novels and regards herself as creative and motherly. Let us now look at the male housemates. Chinedu Amah (24) from the Delta State says that his best quality is his leadership abilities though he admits that he “overreacts sometimes”. Hope his overreaction would not cost him the votes. Gideon Okeke, who has just completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Biochemistry, describes himself as free-spirited, fun-loving and realistic young man who is endearing but impatient. At 22, he would have a bright future if he comes out the winner. The oldest housemate in the Big Brother Nigeria house is 32-year-old Joesph Ada, a flight attendant from Lagos He is intrigued by the idea that viewers will be watching the show from across Africa. He advises audiences to stay tuned to the show ‘to appreciate the diversity within Nigerians and how they handle it’. Adeyinka ‘Yinka’ Oremosu (26) a musician from Lagos has promised to ‘be there throughout the show’. Twenty-nine-year-old Frank Konwea is a Lagos dancer who is ‘a loud person!’ who enjoys the music of R Kelly, P Square and K Franklin. He hopes to take his dancing profession further after the show. Ebuka Obi -Uchendu (23), a Benin-City Lawyer who says he ‘really has not contemplated not winning’ and is honest that he entered Big Brother because of the attractive reward at stake. Interesting episodes have taken place in the house One of the hottest topics about the show is: which couple will be the first to hook up in the house. Chinedu and Joan looked like the leaders on Tuesday with all their flirtatious cuddling and touching. On Wednesday evening Ebuka and Chem looked like they might surprise everyone and take over the lead spot, since they were dancing passionately in a suggestive way to the romantic music in the house. As usual, discussions with sexual connotations have been part of the daily conversations. Music seems to be playing magic for the housemates and they use it as an opportunity to chill out and show their best moves. Frank, a professional dancer, kept trying to lead the dances, but the housemates have other ideas. Dancing pairs might soon develop into stronger bonds. Ichemeta recently showed that she could shake her back attractively as she danced in front of a seemingly delighted Ebuka to a selection of R&B’s finest. Although neither Chinedu nor Joan has spoken to each other or the other housemates about their attraction yet, body language has already begun saying a lot. Other episodes are just the routine daily conversations, dancing, playing, swimming and singing. The most interesting discussion so far is one that took place between the guys on Wednesday afternoon. They were chatting about girls who want sugar-daddies and about girlfriends in general. Yinka said he never phones a girl when he is courting her. The guys bring many views forward while the girls are engrossed within their own conversations inside.

March 2006
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