Commerce, export bodies in trade launch

The first launch took place in Bulawayo last month and this second one took place last Tuesday in Harare. At the launch, chief executive for ZNCC, Cain Mpofu, told the meeting that his organisation appreciates the critical role exports play in economic development and the chamber is determined to play its pivotal role in facilitating exports among its membership. Underscoring the importance of exports, international trade and exhibitions, the general manager of the ZITF, Daniel Chigaru said events such as the ZITF provide the most direct form of advertising in a concentrated form over a short period. Exhibitions are ranked very highly as the displays involve other dimensions of communications including visual, audio, feeling and are useful in building relationships, networking and people can compare different products and engage different exhibitors. “Clients gather market intelligence and other research information useful for business follow-ups,” he emphasised. Stanley Tupiri of ZimTrade, the national trade development and promotions organisation, said he believes in planning and preparation, “so that we can measure our performance”. And, he says, “rich countries are rich because they export” – especially the small-to-medium scale manufacturers. But highlighting the challenges, Tupiri urged both SMEs and large established corporates to emphasise on quality. “Quality,” he insists, ” enhances your selling capacity and shows the customer that this is an internationally certified product”. “Some international markets, like the European Union, for example, now insist on environmentally friendly products,” he revealed, explaining that manufacturers need to have good and appealing packaging with clear information on ingredients, date of manufacture and other necessary information. He also weighed in with the need for participants to be educated on compliance with international commercial terms, especially as regards to freight and insurance.

March 2006
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