ZNTB welcomes introduction of low cost flights to SA

“This will not only encourage a lot of Zambians to fly cheaply to South Africa but will also encourage more South Africans to come to Zambia affordably. This will lead to increased incomes for Zambia,” she said. Lumpa said since the captive market for Zambian travellers to South Africa was in excess of 75,000, the availability of cheaper flights could have a triple effect. “One would assume that every person going to make some transactions of some kind in South Africa would also encourage more people there to visit Zambia,” Lumpa said. “The introduction of low cost flights also ties up nicely with the appreciation of the kwacha.” Zambian Airways launched its inaugural flights between Lusaka and Johannesburg on Friday in conjunction with low cost airline kulula.com. A one-way ticket costs K330,000, excluding departure fee, which is pegged at US$20. Zambian Airways chief executive officer Don MacDonald said the airline was geared to provide good and affordable air travel services for the Zambian public intending to travel to South Africa. MacDonald also said Zambian Airways would continue partnering with cross border traders who he said were an important sector in any emerging economy. “We believe the introduction of these lowly priced flights would increase the volume of trade among cross border traders as it is now cheaper and more faster to travel,” MacDonald said. “It takes just two hours to travel by air between Lusaka and Johannesburg at just about the same price as a bus. By the time a trader travelling by air lands in South Africa, the bus traveller, who started moving at the same time as the air passenger, would just be arriving at Chirundi border post.” ‘ .

March 2006
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