COSAFA vice president quits

Speaking after announcing that Damaseb resigned because of occupational pressure, NFA spokesman, Beau Kauta said, the Judge President of Namibia might also “resign as Cosafa vice president at next year’s elections”. Damaseb who has been at the helm of Namibian football for the last seven years had his resignation announced in absenture by Beau Kauta signalling a low-key exit. Although his departure in Namibian football will not affect his international position, it is Namibia’s position on global football that faces a vacuum. Also the Judge President of Namibia, Damaseb has been influencing Namibia’s cause broad and is credited for Namibia’s successive hosting of the new-Cosafa format (2005 and 2006). Namibia was banking on his positions and contacts in Cosafa, CAF and FIFA on the hosting of the 2010 African Nations Cup, which Namibia is bidding for. The new acting-President, John Muinjo will now take over as both NFA President and Chairman of the 2010 bidding committee. Namibia will be submitting it’s bid in Cairo, Egypt on May the 14th 2006. Some of Damaseb foreign policy included, luring FIFA President Sepp Blatter to Namibia to officially open the country’s soccer house, as well as utilising Namibia foreign relations with German and Brazil to woes, developmental agreements with the international soccer powerhouses. “FIFA employs people on the bases of their ability and not because they represent some football organisations, Sepp Blatter did not come from any organisation and the same applies to Damaseb”Kauta noted and that Namibia should rather look for someone who develops local soccer first before seeking international attention. Despite his credentials and popularity abroad, Damaseb was never accepted by the locals who regarded him as being out of touch with football developments and woes in his country. As it were, Beau Kauta, cited pressure of work from the courts as the cause of his leaving. With a pathetic grassroots developmental programme, Damaseb’s main achievement in local soccer was the N$40million dollar sponsorship to the premiership, which makes Namibia the best-sponsored league in Southern Africa, after South Africa. Petrus Damaseb had kept football administrators in the country guessing, since the National Soccer Indaba last year where he hinted that the nation “should expect something before the end of 2006”. A tribal cleansing last year by the then president, saw vice-president Salomo Naukushu being suspended from his post by Damaseb without any hearing and state-house physician Kolbinian Amutenya being brought in the Executive Committee. The Judge President was regarded an iron-fisted leader, who only put ‘yes-man’ into his administrative organs. Sources at soccer-house, say Damaseb was never to be argued with, and this was seen as the cause of Namibia’s stagnation in football. Although Cosafa is not as demanding as NFA, Kauta says the regional post is “more of a ceremonial post”, but since the Judge President has decided to concentrate on his personal job, his total exit from football might be imminent.

March 2006
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