Waldschmidt Enduro a great success

The sponsor of this event Waldschmidt Poultryfarm made their beautiful farm available for this motorsport competition. J’rg Waldschmidt’s son, Namibia’s multi-champion Ingo Waldschmidt, won the rating in the motorcycle class One. The sky was overcast, the track was well chosen by the new team around Magda de Haan and also the tough route left nothing to wish for. On short notice the starting point was relocated from the Gallina Moto Cross track to the hilly terrain in front of the mountains. Start, passage control and finish were on top of the pointy hill called “Viewpoint” from which the spectators had a clear view and were able to follow the riders with their eyes until they vanished at the horizon. The various Quad-classes were excellently manned. Also nice was the fact that many Moto Cross riders took part in this competition and weren’t doing badly. The riders were still easy-going at registration and the technical inspecton but then things got serious. Now the briefing and the explanation concerning the Roadbook took place and then at 13:00 hours the first rider was sent on his way. After four rounds of 28 kilometres each, Ingo Waldschmidt was the first from Motorbike-Class 1 to shoot up the hill. Ingo was more than pleased with himself and with the performance of his new KTM. Henner Rusch came in on 2nd a couple of minutes later and Andreas Brendel, who for two years hasn’t participated in a competion made 3rd place. This was a major accomplishment for the ex-champion. In the Motorbike-Class 2 Luke Pennefather was able to head the finishing line ahead of Justen Jacob. That was a strong battle. Luke had to deal with a “water damage” during a river passage, but was still able get his bike going again. In the big Motorbike-Class 3 Tony Viljoen won the great Waldschmidth-Trophy after nearly having “slept” through the start. He was followed by his main opponents Fred Robinson and Bart Steyl. The Quads were just slightly slower than the bikes, but weren’t able to drive on these donkey-pads in the mountains and therefore got a seperate trail. The speed with which these boys cruised down the steep descents was surely astounding. While in the Quad-Class 4 Eugene Slippers secured his victory (he is above all known as a top rider on the Moto Cross track), Fanie Steenkamp made 1st place in the big Quad-Class 5, leaving his two well-known rivals Clinton Hilfiker and Jean Venter behind. In all before-mentioned classes the riders fought like lions! Beyond points, ranking and victories, the comments of the participants signalled that everyone saw himself as a winner . . . and be it only the victory over one’s weaker self. Of course there were also battles in the support classes, however on a lower level. Maybe the one or other rider obtained so much fun from this tough sport that he will find the way to the Enduro-riders! Just like the Quads, the Support Classes didn’t have to go into the mountains. But nevertheless the 25 kilometre long track offered everything that makes an Enduro-rider’s heart beat faster. The track lead all the way around the Waldschmidt farm and also offered the amateurs pretty much everything that is “fun”: downhill, uphill, water passages, tricky rock spurs and then the high-speed passages in 5th gear through the beautifully green landscape. In the Support-Class 7 for bikes between 65ccm and 85ccm, a children’s class, the winner was Jaco Loots, leaving Claude Brendel and Jaco’s younger brother Pauli Loots on a 2nd and 3rd place respectively. In the Team-Class 8 (the organiser had expected greater participation here) the Loots gained another trophy thanks to Mommy Melody Loots who shared the winner’s trophy with her partner Dirk Tr’mer at the evening’s award ceremony. Close behind them on 2nd place was the women’s team Celen Adams and Maike Borchert. In the Support-Class 9 for Quads Riaan Fourie got his 1st place ‘ this was his first Enduro race ‘ followed by Leroy Steenkamp and young Dennis Raines. After some time of evaluation, the pricegiving took place at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. This was followed by dancing to DJ Coco’s music, which lasted until 3 o’clock in the morning.

March 2006
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