Angelina, Brad in Namibia

It has not been established how long they intend to stay in the countyr but reports suggest that Jolie, who is pregnant with Pitt’s child, was coming to have her baby in Namibia. The family has been known to value its privacy and is unlikely to be at liberty to disclose the details of its visit. The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation radio on Tuesday quoted immigration officials confirming that the Jolie-Pitt family had arrived at Walvis Bay at around 6:30am that day. This is not the first time for Jolie to come to Namibia. The Oscar-winning actress spent time in the country in 2002 during the shooting of the international feature movie on refugees, ‘Beyond Borders’, at Swakopmund. However, it not clear if Pitt has previously visited Namibia. The only countries that he is known to have visited in Africa are South Africa and Ethiopia The family has been on the limelight for its humanitarian commitment that that has been directed at the Africa and Asia. Multimillion rand studio construction approved The application for the long-awaited Dreamworld film studio complex in the province has been approved, the Western Cape Minister of Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Tasneem Essop, announced on Wednesday. Initially, the construction had hanged in the balance after the Wildlife and Environmental Society of SA (WESSA) and Cape Nature had said it would impact negatively on the environmentally important wetlands which have been chosen as the site of cionstruction of the facility. In her decision Ms Essop’s said the overall impact on the wetlands has been substantially reduced. “In authorising this significant development, mitigation measures will be put in place and will include appropriate buffering, the compilation of environmental management plans for both the construction and operation phases of the development and the creation of an environmental monitoring committee,” said a statement released by Ms Essop’s media liaison officer on Wednesday. A further condition for the film studio is an offset amount of R1,84 million to a fund to be established by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, and CapeNature. Al-Khaidas to release debut album Al-Khaidas, a group which came second in last year’s My African Dream (MAD) talent search show will soon release its debut album. The group, which is popularly known for its dance routines scooped the second prize in the senior category of MAD. The achievement has proved to be an inspiration for them to further explore their talent. Initially the trio was just a dance group but they have decided to spread their wings and explore their singing talent. The three, Odirile, “O.D” Pitswe, Kabo “Dizzy” Moatswi, and Opatile “Jecko” Mokgosi came together in 2002 and started off as freelance dancers for popular musicians, the likes of “Bulldog” and Rockers. Apart from getting motivation from other musicians and groups such as Eskimos, and rhumba maestro Frank “Franco” Lesokwane, the group said its real motivation came from emerging as one of the MAD 2005 winners. They said the prize had inspired them to do something that would give their talent true exposure. Winners of last year’s contest each stood to have a video made, sponsored by Multichoice, Botswana. Even though Al-khaidas won the contest through dance, they did not feel right having their video produced, using some other artiste’s music. “If the video is to be shown anywhere, we will be overshadowed by the musician, therefore depriving us of the exposure we deserve,” one of the group members said. The album was recorded at Storm Studios is a combination of kwaito and house kwasa, with four kwaito songs and two house kwasa songs. The group plans to shoot their video after the release of their album. Cuban arts delegation visits Zimbabwe A 13-member delegation from Cuba comprising dancers and musicians visited Zimbabwe last week for a cultural exchange programme that ended on Friday. The tour will helped Zimbabwe and Cuba further strengthen their relations. The Secretary for Education, Sport and Culture, Dr Stephen Mahere, said the programme was important as it had facilitated exchange of ideas between local and international artists in a way that would benefit both sides. He said Zimbabwe’s relationship with Cuba had benefited both countries in numerous ways in recent years. “Our relationship with Cuba started long back when they helped us in (the liberation) war. We also have benefited from them as our teachers were sent to learn mathematics in Cuba and they have helped the country with their doctors who are coming to work within the Ministry of Health,” he said. The visiting artists performed at Chitungwiza Crafts Centre, the Mbira Centre in Mbare and the National Art Gallery. An official with the Ministry of Culture in Cuba, Mrs Alina Jova, said her country had learnt African culture through co-operation with countries on the continent. Drama takes Tanzanian airwaves by storm A captivating story in a radio drama called “Duniani kuna mambo” which is running on Deutsche Welle radio has become the talk of the country. Andrea Schmidt, head of the Kiswahili-Service of Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, commentedt: “We are broadcasting the whole week through a culmination of reliable news from all over the world. “This weekend we want to entertain our listeners with a thrilling story: Coming from an almost familiar pattern characteristic for many African traditional societies: Two bosom friends from two families come together to scheme a stratagem of marriage” Zaynab Aziz, member of the Kiswahili team in Bonn, is the author and director of the play. The Kenyan journalist has been awarded several times, by PCI (Population Communications International, NY) for the best radio plays in Africa. The writer said the story explored the theme of arranged marriages. “The sister of the groom to be , Bi Johari, broaches the subject of marriage to her dearest friend, Bi Lulu, the mother of the would be bride. The two friends weave the net Nothing functions, things fall apart always as Chinua Achebe, one of the foremost African novelists once said,” he said. Up to eight actors participate in the episodes ‘ each of ten minutes, which started on April 1.

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