Meet Big Brother Nigeria cute guy — Ebuka

The 23-years-old lawyer has won the hearts of many viewers not only because of his looks but because he is such a likeable character. “He is the only handsome and attractive guy in the house,” said one viewer. Another viewer said he liked his mannerisms and that Ebuka blends well with the other housemates. “He is just being himself without acting or faking anything,” said one fan. But what is all the more interesting is that for the third consecutive week, Ebuka did not draw any nominations this week but joining him with no nominations in week four was 29-year-old dancer Frank. Only last week, Joseph and Chinedu gained more votes and are up for eviction this week. For Chinedu, his romance with Joan could not save him from being a possible evictee this weekend. Ebuka was also honest about why he entered BBN? “Honestly, the prize money was too tempting to ignore!” he said. He says that his favourite place in Nigeria is his village Okija because “of the unique blend of nature and modernity”. A movie called Sin City is his favourite and his must-read book selection is the controversial Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. His enjoys the TV show New Dawn with Funmi and he loves the sounds of Sunny Neji, African Chyna and Kanye West. Ebuka is also very proud of his father who he says “served Nigeria for 35 years without a single blemish.” In addition, Ebuka says that there is no one he really wants to be like but “people like Dr Eyimofe Atake San and Jeff Bezos ( inspire me”. Asked what he would do if he didn’t win BBN, he says “I really have not contemplated not winning.” Seemingly quite athletic, Ebuka enjoys swimming, basketball and bowling. When two newcomers ‘ Katung and Sandra were introduced into the house, Ebuka’s popularity did not change at all. In fact, he appeared to have been a long time friend of Katung. Although Katung and Sandra are contenders to win the grand prize of US$100 000, Ebuka seems to be the audience’s favourite. The website has now drawn over 1 million page impressions, to the delight of the show’s production teams Endemol Nigeria and Storm Vision Limited. Meanwhile, viewers of the M-Net reality show Big Brother Nigeria made their voices heard again this week as the show’s third public vote began. With both Ichemeta and Yinka having already departed the house, the pressure was on to see just who would leave next! On Sunday night, the majority public opinion saw 24-year-old graduate Chinedu evicted from Big Brother Nigeria! Chinedu gained 84.12 percent of the public vote while fellow nominee Joseph gained 15.88 percent of the public vote. When host Olisa Adibua made the announcement, Chinedu became the third housemate to leave the show, after spending 4 weeks in the Big Brother Nigeria house. And as he made his way out through the carved wooden doors of the BBN house, Chinedu bid farewell to the 11 remaining BBN housemates and the show’s US$ 100 000 grand prize! In the moments after he was evicted, Chinedu watched a special edited insert that showed his stay in the Big Brother Nigeria house. And he found out just which of his fellow housemates had nominated him, along with Joseph, for this week’s public vote. Each of the remaining female housemates in Big Brother Nigeria, with the exception of close compatriot Joan, had nominated Chinedu for eviction! In an interview with Olisa after his eviction, Chinedu seemed to have taken the eviction in his stride, though the self-employed former housemate must be wondering where his exit from the house leaves his burgeoning romance with Joan. Reuniting with family and friends, Chinedu will now head into a busy week including media interviews and more! Plus there’s good news for fans who want to meet Chinedu . . . he’s the special “guest of honor” at the Channel O/Big Brother Nigeria Eviction Party, held early last week at The Vault nightclub in Lagos. In addition, the party at The Vault will be filmed for broadcast to DStv viewers on Channel O next weekend. Audiences are also reminded that this week two more housemates will be up for eviction and once more the public can vote out the person they’d most like to see leave the show! DStv audiences can watch Big Brother Nigeria 24 hours daily on Channel 37, including the Monday night Nomination Show and the Sunday night Eviction Show. In addition, there’s a Big Brother Nigeria weekly Highlights Show on M-Net and/or AfricaMagic. The next landmark moment for BBN is the third Eviction Show scheduled for this Sunday when either Joseph or Chinedu will be evicted from the house.

April 2006
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