Adams wins 1st heat in Open-Class

While a titanic duel evolved up front, Adams (apparently pretty satisfied with his 3rd place) followed behind. Animal attacked on all possible and impossible places on the track. Nearing the finish of the heat, it happened at the badly visible eastern part of the track: Tommi makes a mistake and Wise can pass. Wise deservedly took over the lead. But it was about to get more exciting still! Last lap, again the trio disappears in the east . . . and out of the bushveld come . . . Adams ahead of Gous and Wise. There must have been some frayed nerves and Adams came out as the chuckling third! Waldschmidt was able to keep up quite well until the old problem arose; the brake system failed and Ingo pulls out the race. Tommi Gous wins 2nd heat of the Open-Class Ingo is back again, he is riding Heiko Hennes’ (Clubmen Class) bike. The riders are at the startgate, Ingo almost jammed in, does he notice that? The starting gate falls, Rudi Brand from Swakopmund wins the holeshot and Ingo was actually so cut off, that he was the very last rider to shoot into the first bent. The race lives from Brand’s commitment at the top and from the commitment which Ingo shows on his way to the front. Rider after rider is left behind. Ingo overtakes on the straights, in the curves, and in the air he just outjumps his rivals. The ex-champion has not shown such a fierce performance in a long time. Great! Up front, the pressure builds up after the fifth lap, Brand has to let the protagonists Gous and Wise pass, but persistently holds on to 3rd place. By the end of the race, Ingo catches up with Brand and he overtakes the young “coastal” in mid air at a height of 5 metres! Wow, what a race! Ronnie Adams wins 3rd heat in the “Big-5 Hotel King of the Dirt” Ronnie Adams is the man of the day. Holeshot-Adams takes part in a battle between Wise, Gous, Waldschmidt and Brand. While Wise and Bruwer don’t finish this super-heat, there is some tough fighting for every point up front. Waldschmidt obviously likes the borrowed bike from Hennes and is again able to beat Brand, while Ronnie Adams is able to keep Gous at a distance. Wolfgang Rohe has not found back to his old form but nevertheless showed with a 5th place in the King of the Dirt, that one can reckon with him again! Results Big-5 Hotel King of the Dirt 1. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Mad Buzz/Suzuki Namibia, 20 points 2. Tommie Gous, Windhoek, Novel-Yamaha, 17 3. Ingo Waldschmidt, D’bra, Novel-Yamaha, 15 4. Rudi Brand, Swakopmund , Swakop Body Works-Yamaha, 13 5. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 11 Let’s move on to the supporting programme. In the Kindergarden-class 50cc Seniors we saw the old “classic” Mathew Nederlof agains the rest of the world. In the 2. Heat however, Nederlof had to give all he has to pass Michael Barlow. Then the usual end result: Nederlof in front of Cloete and Barlow. In the heats of the 65cc class Mark Sternagel once again won with a maximum number of points ahead of Eric Garbers and Pauli Loots. Pauli was handicapped through a crash and needed motherly affection to get through the 3rd heat as well. His brother Jaco Loots had it better. Jaco won with a maximum number of points in the 85cc class in front of his rival from Swakopmund Eckhart Hall. Eckhart had a clean style in this sand ‘ only the sand hares from the coast can ride like this. However, he was not able to pass Jaco. Third place went to Geoff Erasmus, who held Niki Rossi and Schalk Louw at bay.

April 2006
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