Knight at his best

It was a great comeback for Knight, who suffered a career threatening knee injury two years ago. After a knee ligament operation in 2004, the Namibian was forced out of competitive waterskiing as he tried to recover from the career-threatening injury. But last week, Knight won two of the three disciplines to win the title with an overall score of 1 654,04 points, ahead of South Africa’s Simon Fairbank who’s overall score was 1 540,94. Knight won the Slalom category with 678,08 points, followed by Fairbank on 650,68, while Fairbank won the tricks with 245,72 points, ahead of Knight on 214,90. The decisive difference between the two however came in the jumps, where Knight produced a great jump of 51, 60 metres, while Fairbank could only manage 43,7m. It was Knight’s best jump in Namibian and not far off his personal best of 57, 90 metres, which he set in the United States in 2004. “It was only the second time that I had jumped since coming back from my knee injury and at this stage it is still giving me problems,” Knight said after the victory. “But I suppose all the years of practise and the great support from the Namibians cheering me on, brought the best out of me,” he added. Knight said he would see a knee specialist in South Africa soon and was not sure whether he would continue skiing. “My knee is still very sore and I’m still wondering if I must stop skiing altogether,” he said.

April 2006
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