SWAPO has come a long way

On the 19th April 1960, the SWAPO Party which developed into a formidable national Liberation Movement was founded on the principles of Solidarity, Freedom and Justice. The aims and objectives of SWAPO were to liberate our country from the yoke of the minority, white apartheid colonialism of South Africa. After the long protracted political, diplomatic and armed struggle, we finally achieved our aims and objectives on the 21st March 1990 when our flag for freedom was hoisted over the entire territory of Namibia and we declared to the world that Namibia is free forever. After the achievement of our Freedom and Independence, we embarked upon the second phase of the struggle for economic independence with the clear purpose of eradicating poverty, diseases and ignorance in order to improve the social and economic welfare of all our people. During the past sixteen years, the SWAPO Party Government has implemented milestone development projects in all the thirteen regions of our country. These include the development of physical infrastructures such as the deepening of the port of Walvis Bay, the construction of the TransKalahari and TransCaprivi Highways, the Northern Railway Extension from Tsumeb to Oshikango as well as the rehabilitation of the railway line from Aus to Luderitz and the construction of the tarred road from Rosh Pinah to Aus, among others. We have also expanded the provision of education, health care, electricity and potable water in all the thirteen regions of our country. As we commemorate the 46th Anniversary of the SWAPO Party, we must renew our dedication and commitment to work more harder to achieve social and economic development which will benefit all our people, irrespective of colour, ethnic origin or political affiliation and to make all Namibians to be proud so that together we can build a united and prosperous society under the motto, “One Namibia, One Nation”. The SWAPO Party must continue to support its Government’s efforts to implement social and economic development in our country, including the expansion of schools, hospitals and to fight diseases such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria and to implement our Third National Development Plan (NDP3), Vision 2030 as well as the UN Millennium Development Goals. We call upon all the Namibian people to unite and rally behind the SWAPO Party so that the SWAPO Party will always win the future elections in order to improve the standards of living of all Namibians, irrespective of colour, race or ethnic origin. Finally, SWAPO Party wishes all SWAPO Party members, supporters and sympathizers a happy 46th Anniversary. May the ideals of the SWAPO Party, for which thousands of Namibia’s illustrious sons and daughters sacrificed their lives and shed their precious blood, be the guiding light in our second struggle for economic independence. Similarly, we must continue to respect the aims and objectives of the SWAPO Party, the SWAPO Party Constitution, the SWAPO Party Political Programme and the SWAPO Party Election Manifesto. It is only in this manner that we will ensure that all Namibians, irrespective of colour, race, ethnic origin or political affiliation enjoy the fruits of independence.

April 2006
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