Mogae attacks West

Mogae made the remarks at a joint Press conference with visiting German President Horst Kohler in Gaborone last week. Mogae told his German counterpart that boycotts and imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by Europe and the United States would not resolve the differences between Harare and the West. He said instead of condemning President Robert Mugabe, Europe and the US should listen to Zimbabwe’s side of the story. “You are boycotting them and you are imposing sanctions on them. How can you talk when you don’t allow them to come to Europe to talk, or you go to Zimbabwe to talk to them?” President Mogae was quoted as saying by an online publication. Kohler claimed that the stand-off between Zimbabwe and the West was “an obstacle to get more progress in the fight against poverty in the south of Africa”. Mugabe has indicated Zimbabwe’s desire to have dialogue with Britain, the US and other Western countries to iron out differences. While British Prime Minister Tony Blair has not commented publicly about the gesture for dialogue, London’s new ambassador to Zimbabwe, Andrew Pocock, has said his country was willing to “build bridges” with Zimbabwe. In February, Mugabe told Pocock that Zimbabwe was willing to reopen channels of communication between Harare and London and asked him to “help build formidable bridges” when the new envoy presented his credentials at State House. He told the British diplomat to report the true facts about what was happening in the country, adding that Dr Pocock was free to consult and familiarise himself with the situation in Zimbabwe. ‘ The Herald.

April 2006
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