Helen kicked out of Big Brother

Having spent a cool 63 days in the house, the sultry and queen of “hot gossip” Helen became the seventh housemate to be evicted from the house in what most viewers described as a welcome “relief”. Revealing it for the first time to Big Brother during a diary session, the housemates expressed displeasure at Helen’s penchant for gossip. This week, three housemates namely Katung, Sandy and Helen were up for possible eviction but the audience chose to hang up Helen on the line to dry. The three housemates had been nominated before and ti was their first time to be up for eviction. With Ichemeta, Yinka, Chinedu, Joan, Maureen, Gideon and Ebuka having already departed the house, the pressure is mounting to see just who will scoop the US$100 000 prize. On Sunday night (April 07), the majority public opinion saw 25-year-old from Lagos evicted from Big Brother Nigeria. Helen gained 51.2 percent of public vote while fellow nominees Katung and Frank shared the remaining votes between them. When host Olisa Adibua made the announcement, Helen who was visibly unshaken, became the seventh housemate to leave the show, after spending two months in the BBN house. And as she made her way out through the carved wooden doors of the BBN house, she was greeted with a spectacular fireworks display while the crowd cheered on. In the moments after she was evicted, Helen watched a special edited insert that showed her stay in the Big Brother Nigeria house. And she found out just which of his fellow housemates had nominated her, along with Katung and Francisca, whom she thought was her best friend. In an interview with Olisa after her eviction, Helen defended her “gossip tendencies” saying that “one cannot be in the house and mind their own business.” “Everybody’s business is your business,” she said. She also revealed that she was a good cook who made sure that there was something to eat in the house. “I made sure Katung and Joseph eat a lot,” she said. Asked why she was not involved in an affair in the house, Helen said it was not real for her to love someone in front of the cameras. Besides being a rumourmonger, Helen was known for her culinary skills that made her popular with the housemates, soemthing that she would be remembered for by the other housemates. Prior to going into the house, Helen revealed that she was an interesting person who enjoys thriller novels, wearing singlets and short skirts. If she is not doing anything, Helen enjoys old-school sounds of Paul Simon and Don Williams. Self-described as “creative and motherly”, she says that she is the Nigerian that she is most proud of because of her many gifts. Helen said that the thing that made her smile was “a good joke”. She also said that if she had US$ 100 000, she would use it to “get my father the best medical care” and to open her own company. A pragmatist on many levels, Helen loves to travel but “on good roads!” One of her pet peeves is “know-it-all people!” And she admires her parents because “they are really accommodating and very liberal minded”. DStv audiences can watch Big Brother Nigeria 24 hours daily on Channel 37, including the Monday night Nomination Show and the Sunday Night Eviction Show. In addition, there’s a Big Brother Nigeria weekly Highlights Show on M-Net and AfricaMagic.

May 2006
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