Vee parts ways with Guffy

by Guffy Creations following the huge success of his Eric Ramco Records, Kasi Angels, which featured hit songs, Taku Taku and Letlhale. The album is still doing well in the market and has recently made moves into Namibia and Zimbabwe. It is believed that Vee was influenced to sign for Guffy by people who just didn’t like Eric Ramco and wanted the young star at that stable by any means possible. This was quite evident at the listening session of the Guffy Produced album when Guffy made some disparaging remarks about Vee’s former label. Those remarks undoubtedly sowed the seed that ultimately broke the camel’s back. Signs that this marriage would not last surfaced when the label failed to release the CD in South Africa as had been widely expected, neither was a video produced. Vee said Guffy Creations breached his contract with them. He has not been paid royalties for the sale of the CD which he says reportedly sold over 20,000 units. This, coupled with the fact that there was very little communication between him and the label, has left him with no option but to get out of the contract. He is currently in a dog fight with the label to get his official release that has been promised by SMS. Meanwhile, he is busy in the studio recording an album that will hopefully re-launch his fledgling career. He has been able to support himself through live performances and says he is raring to go at it alone with his own record company, Black Money Makers. The album is being produced by himself and two relatively unknown ‘ but talented ‘ young producers at his new home studio in Block 8. The album is due for release in a month’s time. This latest experience for Vee must be a lesson for all young and old musicians about the bad side of the entertainment industry. Artistes must be advised to engage good lawyers and fully understand the terms of their contract, whether local or foreign in nature, before they sign on the dotted line. It is great though to see Vee get his career back on track. He certainly will be back with a bang because his new album resembles his old productions that his fans have come to love. ‘ Mmegi/The Reporter

May 2006
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