Zim to host pan African congress

Southern African Political Economy Series Trust (SAPES) convenor, Ibbo Mandaza, said the 8th PAC, which remains autonomous from state institutions and agencies, would be only answerable to mass organisations, institutions, affiliates and individuals. He said all the stakeholders were expected to come together to establish both a democratic dispensation and an institutional framework through which the PAC movement could survive and thrive in future, adding that this would be a follow up to the 7th PAC held in Uganda. “This will be an occasion to take over from the 7th Pan-African Congress, that is to develop on the achievements and gains of the 7th PAC. To improve on its shortcomings, to consider new strategies for the tasks ahead and to rededicate ourselves to the movement of African peoples for reparations, political unity and economic liberation, both on the continent and in the Diaspora,” said Mandaza. He said an International Steering Committee (ISC) was being formed and mobilisation was underway in various regions of the Pan-African world, leading to the main event in October. Mandaza said Africa was engulfed in wars of differing intensities in a uni-polar world dominated by the United States (US) which had brought about new and daunting challenges in the fight against neo-colonialism. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank also supervised an economic order which did not provide means for African development. He said that the two Brettonwoods institutions structurally adjusted Africans into increasing poverty and hardship. “A little more than a decade ago since the Seventh Pan-African Congress, the African condition had become precarious,” he said. Previous congresses, including the 5th PAC were held in Manchester, United Kingdom, subsequently giving birth to the then Organisation for African Unity now African Union (AU), the 6th and 7th Pan-African Congresses were held in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania and Kampala in Uganda in 1974 and 1994 respectively. ‘ New Ziana.

May 2006
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