ZIMA put in place new institutional driven adjudication board

Speaking at a Press briefing that was attended by musicians, arts and entertainment journalists in Harare, the executive chairman Joseph Nyadzayo said his organization noted that it has been leaving out important stakeholder institutions whose input is valuable to the running of the Zimbabwe Music Awards. “For the past three years, we had relied on entertainment journalists who did a sterling job for which we are proud of. However, we have realized that their primary role is that of being commentators and as such, their participation in the adjudication process compromised their capacity to objectively comment on the results.” The ZIMA 2006 adjudication boars will comprise of representatives from all the four radio Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH) Radio stations SFM, Radio Zimbabwe, Power FM and National FM. These will also be joined by the Zimbabwe College of Music, Arts Journalists Association of Zimbabwe (AJAZ), which is an affiliate of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) and the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMRA). Veteran journalist Thomas Deve will chair the board. Speaking at the press briefing, the Executive director of ZIMRA, who are responsible for the collection of royalties from all registered record companies and broadcasting stations, Ms Poly Ncube said this initiative should be supported by all stakeholders in the arts industry. The board will also get assistance from a privately owned company, PNT Communications whose business is to sell cell mobile phones ring tones. Executive director of PNT Patrick Mapuranga said the sales of ringing tones will be registered as votes for the particular artistes whose tunes would have been used. “Importantly also, royalties are paid to the artistes triggering an extensive positive domino effect in the industry. With all the mobile phones we have in the country if everyone of them operated with a local tune, immense value to the music industry would be realized.” The Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) are given to Zimbabwean artists from all the musical artistic genres and categories that would have excelled in any particular year, from October the previous year to October of that year. However, the adjudication process has not changed and the ZIMA award ceremony is penciled for the end of November. The Zimbabwe Music awards are held in the same manner like the South Africa music Awards (SAMA) and it is hoped that the next event will be broadcast live to other countries in the region.

May 2006
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