25 motorcyclists battle it out

The event was open to all motorbike and Quad bike categories. The racing track had been divided into A-track, which had a very high degree of difficulty and a B-track intended for amateurs. Both routes covered a distance of 27 kilometres each. The organiser of the event was the “Enduro Working Group” within the WMCC (Windhoek Motocross Club) under the leadership of Magda de Haan. According to de Haan, five control points had been arranged where the riders either had to punch their ‘boarding pass’ themselves, or receive a stamp on their ‘boarding pass’ if the control point was manned. This was to prevent riders from taking short cuts. “The terrain around the Western-Bypass is very well suited for such a motor sport event because of its geological diversity. There are gravel tracks, drawn-out passages which are excellent for high-speed racing, but also areas with deep sand, and in the west the hills reach up to the Khomashochland,” she said. In the Motorbike-class 1 the particularly favoured Ingo Waldschmidt was set to be part of the action. Waldschmidt not only won the first race of the season two months ago on his own farm, but also proved his talent in the mountainous state of Lesotho, at the “Roof of Africa”, which is one of the toughest off-road races in the world. Noteworthy is also his 3rd place at the AMU Enduro Africa-Championships two years ago. The other riders were Henner Rusch, Andreas Brendel and Gino Rossi. An unconfirmed participant by last week was Kai Hohmeier. Rossi repeatedly won MX-Championships, Enduro-Championships, and is one of a handful of Namibian riders who have tried themselves at Speedway. He is regarded as a natural talent on the motorbike. In Motorbike-class 2, Luke Pennefather was the favourite, while in motorbike-class 3, Tony Viljoen holds this honour. Apart from the named riders, MX-riders Ronnie Adams and Heiko Hennes would also take part. In the Quad-class 4, the champion of the Waldschmidt-Enduro, Eugene Slippers, will be amongst the favourites. In the Quad-class 5, Fanie Steenkamp was the top rider and being challenged by Clinton Hilfiker, Jean Venter and Jan de Haan. In the Quad ‘ (or 4-Wheeler) classes the Enduro Working Group expected at least 35 participants, among which were some brave ladies, like Celine Adams, Melody Loots and Meike Borchert. The race was sponsored by Joker’s Pizzaria & Sport Bar. Collin Hart and Tony Viljoen partners of this enterprise, are both avid Endurists but Viljoen is also a talented Moto Cross rider.

May 2006
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