Pirated Tsotsi floods markets

The pirated version of the movie was available soon after the announcement that the film won the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language film. When the movie made its debut on the South African cinemas in early February, a number of individuals already had the pirated version that was selling on the streets for less than R50, compared to the actual price of R200 per authentic DVD. Tsotsi Director Gavin Hood in an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper condemned the people responsible for pirating the film. He declared that the DVDs selling at a quarter of the price of a genuine DVD must have been made from stolen copies of the unfinished film. “When you buy a ticket and when you buy a genuine DVD, you are an investor in South African film as your money is going back to people who invest in local films. But when you buy a pirated DVD you are giving your money to criminals who are in the business of investing in nothing but their greedy souls,” Hood told the Sunday Times. The counterfeit version is different from the original one as it ends in violence while the one, which was shown in the cinema ends with the fate of Tsotsi unknown. Nevertheless, the fake DVDs are selling faster than the original ones due to the yawning prize discrepancies. The low prized Tsotsi is largely available in number of Chinese stores at a low price of P30. The development seems to have affected attendance at the cinemas which was reported to be lower than expected. Two men recently appeared in court facing charges of theft and fraud due the piracy but they pleaded not gulity. Glynnis Lincoln and Sipho Sangweni allegedly had access to the films while they were being edited and took the master copies of each movie to be pirated for street sale. Artist Mbilingo remembered This year’s Winter Salon Exhibition will showcase the works of the late Samuel Mbingilo, among other artists at the K’-rah-dah Gallery in Windhoek from May 22. The exhibition, which showcases artworks from various Namibian and international artists, is organised by the K’-rah-dah Gallery of Contemporary Art. Namibian artists taking part in the exhibition include John Sampson, Alpheus Mvula and Malua Malua of the Okra-Okra Gallery of Contemporary Art. The inclusion of Mbingilo’s works in the exhibition is a way of honouring the great and experienced artist who was known internationally. Mbingilo, born in Owakazizi in the Oshikoto region, did perfect prints that made a mrk on the international scene and which saw him winning Standard Bank Biennale first prize award. He studied art at the John Muafangeyo Art Centre, and was awarded a three-month study opportunity at the BAT Centre in South Africa. Back home, he was an arts teacher who coached art at Mandume Primary School and Belt Primary School in Katutura The exhibition marks a fourth memory showcase of Mbingilo’s selected works and will raise funds for the Samuel Mbingilo Foundation in Owakizizi that care for young children. International artists taking part in the exhibition include Massimo Baistrocchi (Italy), Rainer Hercks (Germany), and Frederico Sciaffino also from Italy. Franco rocks Gaborone Botswana celebrated rhumba star Franco launched his ‘Mmamane Robala’ DVD at Chez Ntemba night club in Gaborone on Tuesday in a rare afternoon show that rocked the city. The show drew fans of all ages as it was a family event aptly grafted for all that do not have chances to attend such during the night. Kidz had fun on jumping castles while their parents enjoyed the kwasa kwasa tunes from the talented singer. Others artists who performed include Alfredo Mos, Vee, Cisco B, Astley Gops, Street Gang and Dithakga tsa Mmino The new DVD which features among other songs “Tshutshu Makgala” and the controversial “Tipi Ya Mokwatla” hit selected outlets this weekend. Those who attended the show had a chance to buy copies of an autographed DVD and were among the first to have it. The fees for the show were pegged at P20.00 for adults and P10.00 for children Now there are plans for Franco to go on a countrywide tour launching the DVD and places like Jwaneng, Selibe-Phikwe and Serowe are the primary targets. SSP heads for Europe Angolan rap outfit SSP goes on a tour of Europe next month. The group will first accompany the Angolan national soccer team in Germany before heading to Portugal, the Netherlands and England for the presentation of the “Momentos da Traject’ria” album. The group recently went on a national tour that took it to provinces of Benguela, Hu’la and Namibe. According to Big Nelo and Jeff Brown, the members of the group, the intention is to present their latest CD to fans residing in Europe. After Europe, the group is also set to visit Mozambique (next October), where they will hold on 17 and 18 two shows in Mpemba city, in the ambit of the local festivals. The group founded in the early 90s, mainly sings rap and was initially made up by four members: Jeff Brown, Big Nelo, Kudy and Paulo G. At the moment it is reduced to the above- mentioned members. Preparations for Winter Jazz Festival Preparations for the Zimbabwe’s annual Winter Jazz Festival are at an advanced stage with dates pegged at June 30 to July 2 at the Jazz 105 in Harare. Coming hard on the heels of the Harare International Festival of Arts that was dominated by local jazz musicians, the festival is likely to be a memorable occasion. Only local artists have so far confirmed their participation in the three day classic fest. Cool Crooners, Victor Kunonga, Bob Nyabinde, Mbare Trio, Afrika Revenge and Jabavu Drive are some of the groups that are set to warm the winter nights. This year’s theme in ‘Proudly Zimbabwean, Proudly Ours’ and it gives much emphasis on the development of local jazz outfits.

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