Africa needs to wage second liberation war

He was speaking at the Africa Day Symposium organised by the Association of African Heads of Missions to commemorate Africa Day at the University of Zimbabwe. “If the second liberation struggle is not waged, it means neo-colonialism, subtle racism, exploitation and oppression will remain intact and will continue to be consolidated in the world,” he said. The struggle would pave way for a continental government with the capacity and the commitment to lead to Africa’s recovery from poverty, HIV/Aids, corruption, wars and many other problems of under development. “Africa is one of the richest regions of the world and yet most of its people are some of the poorest on earth,” said Chimutengwende. More than 50 percent of Africans live on less than one US dollar a day while it also has the largest mortality rate of 108 per 1000 and a life expectancy of 40, he said. The figures accurately described the African condition which was fast deteriorating as a result of the continent’s exploitation by the west, he said. Chimutengwende said the West received US$10 for every dollar it put into Africa, which was tantamount to exploitation. The majority of African leaders deliberately maintained this social, economic and political catastrophe on the continent for selfish ends, he said. The minister described such leaders as agents of international capitalism who maintained the status quo to get protection from the west so they could remain in power. This year the symposium, which marks 43 years of existence of the African Union (AU), was held under the theme, “Working together for Integration and Development”. ‘ New Ziana.

May 2006
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