Joker’s Pizzaria-Enduro a success

The track was exceptionally beautiful. The route led from the starting area due south, through the bushveld, partly through high-speed passages, and through rivers, gravel paths with many curves, continuing up into the hills in the vicinity of UNAM (University of Namibia) and disappearing in the foothills of the Khomashochland. The section of this trail was 27 km long and had to be completed 4 times by the top-riders. Since Namibia is usually an arid country, with visible routes during this time of the year, the participants had to get used to the luscious bushveld first. Due to this year’s unusually long rainy season, the sections were overgrown with high grass and some 4-Wheelers had to save themselves on two wheels through suddenly appearing 90′ curves. It was dangerous, but thankfully the helpers from E-MED did not have to step in. Already at 9 o’clock, when it was still drizzling, the little ones showed what they were capable of. On a seperate round-track the kids rode over a distance of 2′ km. Here Harris Cloete showed his exceptional talent. He is not only fast on the MX-track but also displayed astonishing endurance in the open terrain. Results 50ccm Class 1. Harris Cloete, 2. Joshua Becker 3. Esranel Becker There was also a Quads-Development-Class offered to the kids, which took place on the same track. With sensational speed the little ones circled this long track. The youngest, Adam Johnston, was only 3 years old. Results Quads-Development-Class 1. Wianca Cloete 2. 2. Renyf Klassen 3. Adam Johnston The sky cleared up at 11:30 hours and the sun sent its warm rays down onto the route. Now the first participants of the “professional league” were sent on their way at 1-minute intervals. The well-known MX-rider Ronnie Adams was the first to ride off. With his thundering Suzuki-Thumper he disappeared into the bushveld. Ingo Waldschmidt on this KTM took it a little slower. As always during a first leg, he studies the terrain, memorises almost photographically certain parts of the track and then, in the 2nd leg, he lets his KTM roar. It was Ingo who, in a thick dust cloud, came out first after the 4th leg. Since he “only” came 5th at the Africa-Championships in Zimbabwe last weekend, this victory was kind of consolation for him. Shawn Bruwer, an MX-specialist had to battle it out in every leg with the Endurists Gino Rossi, Heiko Hennes and Kai Hohmeiner, but then could leave the pack behind him during the 4th leg. Results Open-Class Motorbikes 1. Ingo Waldschmidt, KTM 2. Shawn Bruwer, Suzuki 3. Heiko Hennes, Yamaha After two years of abstinence, the young former Moto Cross talent Sascha Becker took part in this competition and now calls the Joker’s Trophy his own. Horst-Peter “Butzer” St’rmer, also a former MX-rider, can only take part in competitions sporadically. Nevertheless, he’s still fast, which he proved with a 2nd place in the Clubmen’s Motorbike Class. Behind him, Henry Vincent, Luke Pennefather, Dirk Tr’mer and a handful of other talents, battled for 3rd position. Until the last leg, everything was still open. Results Clubmen’s Motorbikes Class 1. Sascha Becker 2. Horst-Peter St’rmer 3. Henry Vincent It was also nice to see that the 65cc riders, all MX-riders, took part in this event. This may not be taken for granted, since there is still a certain fear of contact between the two fractions. As is usual on the MX-track, Mark Sternagel assumed the lead here as well. Claude Brendel did his best to keep up but from the 2nd leg onwards, he fell behind. Tyrone Pieters gained a nice 3rd place. One could almost think that the track was chosen by a Quad-rider! The time completed by the Quad-A riders was almost identical with that of the bikes in the Open-Class. It were obviously the mountainous passages which slowed down the Quads a bit. The multi-champion Fanie Steenkamp once again proved that he wasn’t favourite for nothing. Jean Venter battled with Jan de Haan, Clinton Hilfiker or Phillip Weakly for a position on the rostrum. That was 4 rounds of best Quad-entertainment! Results Open-Class Quads 1. Fanie Steenkamp 2. Phillip Weakly 3. Clinton Hilfiker The participants of the Quad-Clubmen’s Class were only slightly slower. There are a couple of guys who should consider riding in the Open-Class. Hein Venter, Tobie Wiese, Gregory Dickmann and Tammo Phiel again and again tried to catch up with the leading pack. During the fuel-breaks one or other position was able to improve. But also in this category it was the so called favourites that gained a podium spot. Results Clubmen’s Quads 1. Gavin Murgatroyd 2. Riaan Fourie 3. Leroy Steenkamp In the Quad-B-Class, an absolute beginners class, where one can also start as a team, Eugene Slippers won, followed by Marko R’bke and the Ladies-Team Celine Adams & Maike Bochert on 3rd place. Then there was a pure Ladies-Class in which Lani Cloete assumed the lead ahead of Mandy Huysamen. The prize-giving took place in Joker’s Pizzeria & Sport Bar.

May 2006
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