Shebeen owners mull march to State House

NASA’s President Veripi Kandenge said that all concerned stakeholders from all 13 regions of the country will gather at Katutura central shopping center where they will match to State House to protest against the ongoing shebeen conflict that has lead to the closure of shebeens at Walvis Bay recently. During this course, eight shebeen owners were reportedly detained. According to him, a meeting that was held this week at Walvis Bay, that was attended by shebeen owners, Erongo Regional Governor Samuel Nuyoma and police officials, did not reach any consensus that could bring the conflict to rest. ‘There was no agreement reached at this meeting, it was just fighting those people [municipality and police] do not want to accept their mistake. There is no reason why they should close down the shebeens, there is no logic behind that action at all,’ he said. Kandenge accused the Walvis Bay Municipality of being ineffective in processing license applications of those who have applied. ‘There are close to 400 shebeens at Walvis Bay, but only five have licenses. Does that make any sense, it is does not mean that shebeen owners did not apply at all but something is wrong with the procedures that they use and people are also not well informed as to what is the necessity of shebeen licenses,’ added. Kandenge continued: ‘If the local authorities do not want to resolve the problem with immediate effect, we decided to take this matter up with the Head of State.”

May 2006
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