Barbers left shocked as client drops dead outside salon

“O a khatha Bra? Ke go khathe Ntate? (Do you want a cut, brother? Can I cut your hair, Sir?,” barbers near the footpath that crosses the Bulawayo-bound railway line made the usual beeline for the man who appeared to cock a snort at them. “We thought he was ignoring us. It was my friend who approached him first, but the man kept walking on. Then I saw him topple over and fall to the ground. I thought he had an attack of epilepsy. So, I walked over to where he had fallen and tried talking to him. Then I dragged him over to the shade as his face was exposed to the sun and then we called the police who were nearby,” a still dry-mouthed and spooked Pro, who did not want to reveal his surname, told the Monitor newspaper. A sweet vendor called Gaone said she was the first to approach the man. “He was crossing the street from Spar and I approached trying to sell him my sweets, but he just ignored me. Then I realised he was walking with a stagger. I thought he was drunk,” said Gaone. Senior Superintendent Chenjelani Baleseng of Francistown Central Police Station confirmed that his men picked up a man who was certified dead on arrival at the hospital. By Friday the man had not been identified by his next of kin though he had what looked like identity documents (including O Mang) with him. ‘ Mmegi.

June 2006
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