Viewers can now vote the BBN winner

It was quite a revealing session that also brought together the 14 housemates for the first time since the evictions started. The most popular question was how each of the four remaining managed to survive the weekly evictions. But it was easy to see that Ify came under fire for among other things her English accent and love for make up. The general feeling among Big Brother followers as well as former housemates was that Ify is “fake” and did not represent true Nigerian women. They say that Ify’s English accent was typical of wanna be “nose brigades” ‘ youths who speak English with a nasal sound. As one reads through the comments on the strap during Big Brother screening, they get the impression that Ify is not a favourite for the US$100 000 as the comments are sometimes too harsh on her. You have viewers who think that Ify is not worthy of a winner as she would spent the money on make up kit and clothing. Others say Ify manipulated Katung for her selfish ends when she played with his emotions in a short-lived romance. But Ify gave some convincing answers to all the misconception about her life and person. She said she was raised in an affluent family whereby her mother worked for missionaries whose children inspired her. Asked what she thinks were the qualities of an African woman, Ify gladly replied: “An African woman is one who believe in themselves and proud of who they are. She stand for what she knows is right for her.” Turning to Francisca, the former housemates wanted to know how she would cope after Big Brother and what she thought about her love triangle involving Ebuka and Helen. “I’m a superstar whether I win or lose the money because I have had so much fun in the house. There is no denying that I admire Ebuka and he has inspired me a lot in the house.” She also said she did not have a strategy in the house but was only being herself. Seemingly excited was Katung who also said he did not have a strategy but denied that his coming late into the house was an advantage. “I think most of you see me as a humourous person and that who I am. I don’t think I had an advantage over every housemate because it is only a game.” Asked how he was coping with life in the house with only a week to go before the winner announced, Katung said he would live as if it was the last week of his life. Sandy was at pains in answering some of the questions but only said she was happy that she was among the four remaining housemates. She said she did not have a strategy prior to going into the house but was being herself. Earlier in the week, Big Brother brought another surprise when former Nigerian national team coach Austin Jay Jay Okocha featured in the house. His presence ignited excitement in the house and once again the house became lively. The England-based soccer striker Okocha opened up to Big Brother that the show was promoting Nigerian talent. He wished all the housemates success. With only a week before the end of the reality series, Big Brother changed the rules of the game. Viewers are now voting for the winner instead of the housemate that they want evicted from to leave the house. Whoever gets the most votes will be announced as the winner while voters stand a chance to win US$10 000 cash prize. Some of the housemates evicted from the house are Ichemeta, Yinka, Chinedu, Joan, Ebuka, Maureen, Gideon, Joseph, Frank and Helen. DStv audiences can watch Big Brother Nigeria 24 hours daily on Channel 37, and the Sunday night Eviction Show. In addition, there’s a Big Brother Nigeria weekly Highlights Show on M-Net and/or AfricaMagic.

June 2006
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