Wesbank Trophy up for grabs

Unfortunately the racing day in Omaruru had to be cancelled but the riders came to Windhoek with their overall points from the Gobabis race. In the Open-Class hopes were high for a deciding battle between Tommi Gous and Ingo Waldschmidt. Tommi, however, followed the Namibians Bj’rn Bierbrauer and Jessica Ratheiser to race in Germany ‘ postponing the “showdown”. This doesn’t mean that Ingo will receive the trophy on a silver platter. He has to reckon with a lot of opposition from Ronnie Adams, who, on his Suzuki-Thumper, gets quicker with every race. Furthermore, the Grand Prix representative Brannigan “Animal” Wise, must not be forgotten. He wants to prove that he is the right man to represent Namibia at the Grand Prix in South Africa. On Gallina he will chase his opposition on his fast KTM-bike, fight for the lead and secure himself a podium spot. Just like we’re used to! From Swakopmund we can expect Rudi Brand, who during the race in Gobabis proved that he’s got guts. Riding his fast Yamaha, he is keen on a podium spot. Henner Rusch, riding the only Swedish bike in Namibia, a Husaberg, is always pretty quick on Gallina and he will definitely try to be among the leading pack. Shawn Bruwer achieved a surprising and sensational 2nd place, two weeks ago at the Joker’s Pizzeria-Enduro. He is also one of the established riders who are always found up front. The Angolan Jose Teixeira, despite his 40 years of age, also is part of that group. Honda-rider Wolfgang Rohe was seen as a big Namibian junior talent until 2003 when he interrupted his MX-carreer to go to Europe. Now he slowly has to work himself to the top again. He’s got the talent without a doubt! Apart from Animal Wise there are some other 125cc-Class riders that race together with the Open-Class. The reigning Champion Frank Klosta regularly collected points and is on the best way to repeating last year’s success. His greatest rival is young Alexander Howard, another speedy guy on Gallina. These riders complete two heats and then meet the best of all classes in the big final, the “WESBANK King of the Dirt”. This crazy race lasts twenty long minutes after which the best rider will carry the King of the Dirt-title for the next couple of weeks. The impressive trophy sponsored by WESBANK, an affiliate of First National Bank, is definitely worth the effort. But there are still some more national classes that have to get mentioned. The little ones in the 50cc Class already know how to achieve full speed. The 7 year old Matthew Nederlof is the favourite. Harris Cloete (5) has to be seen as his rival, especially after his achievement at the Joker’s Enduro. Six year old Michael Barlow however can thwart both their ambitions. This race will take place on the newly designed children track. We will see how the track will prove itself. The Windhoek Moto Cross Club has invested more than N$30 000 (thirty thousand) in the track’s realisation. At the Joker’s Enduro Mark Sternagel was the winner in the 65cc Class and he will also be the favourite this coming Saturday. His greatest rival is Eric Garbers, while Pauli Loots and Tyrone Pieters unsually battle for 3rd spot on the rostrum. We don’t want to detract from the achievement of the children-classes but high-speed MX starts by the 85ccm Class. The speed with which these guys race is just unbelievable. 13 year old Jaco Loots is the aspiring the overall championship. His toughest rival remains Eckhart Hall, who hails from Swakopmund. Geoff Erasmus from Okahandja is also keen on a podium spot but one may not forget the guys from the coast, who all improved enormously: Gundolf Lang, Schalk Louw or Niki Rossi to name but a few. Those classes which are not part of the national championships participate in the supporting programme. Very popular among the spectators is the Clubmen’s Class. Heiko Hennes, Tony Viljoen and Henry O’Kennedy will want to share the podium spots between themselves but Mark Ratheiser and Billy Heigan will see about that! Due to the almost identical level of speed of all riders in this class, exciting motor sport is guaranteed here. While in the Quad-B-Class Pearce van Wyk and Marko R’bke battle for the first podium spot, the “pro’s” in the Quad-A-Class only ask themselves: Who can beat Fanie Steenkamp? Probably no one! Fanie is just something else, but he has to reckon with fierce attacks from Ronnie Adams, Jan de Haan, Sven Hart or Phillip Weakly, to name just a few talents. The spectators definitely love the 4-Wheelers! The newbies have their own class as well, the Clubmen’s Quad-Class.

June 2006
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