NAM attempts to break biggest braai record

The ambitious project is the brainchild of advertising firm Interact FCB and the consortium of local companies sponsoring the event include Meatco Namibia, Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund, the Trusco Group and Namibia Beverages.

The four companies are supported by One Africa TV, Radio Omulunga and New Era Publications. Uschi Ramakhutla, Meatco’s corporate communications manager told reporters that people attending the event would get a brotchen, sausage and soft drinks.

Funds collected through the event would go to three charities to be chosen individually by the four companies making up the consortium.

Ramakhutla has urged all Namibians to come in numbers to the Sam Nujoma Stadium on 09 September to share in and be part of this brave attempt.

‘It doesn’t matter whether you call it a barbecue, a braai or kapana, we know that it is a traditional Namibian activity and if anyone should hold the world record, it should be us Namibians. We are proud Namibians and we really want, with the support of every single Namibian, to see our country take its place on the world stage,’ said Ramakhutla.

The current world record is held by Australia, which saw an attendance of 44,158 people at a one-day barbeque at Warwick Farm Racecourse in Sydney, Australia 13 years ago. On that day (10 October 1993), more than 300,000 sausages, 100,000 steaks, and 50,000 chicken burgers were consumed, and over 481,000 cans of beer drunk. ‘ (NAMPA).

June 2006
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