Namibian vocalist featured on Kariba Bream Project

Most of the tracks on this album feature the sweet voice of Namibian female vocalist Sophie Kaereho.

A labour of love whose time has finally come, this seasoned blend of homegrown talent with a sprinkling of international influence, is a dream come true for veteran songwriter, musician and producer Filbert Marova.

Literally translated “fadZ” means “For all da Zimbos” or for the more conservative ear, “For All the Zimbabweans”. Being cognisant of the fact that Zimbabwean nationals are now in every corner of the world, this project aims to reach out and touch all the Zimbos wherever they are, be it right here at home or out there in the diaspora . . . and “FrenZ” is quite simply just that . . . “Friends” . . . bringing together artistes from a variety of music backgrounds to produce a sound that is unique yet familiar.

Filbert has been writing songs for as far back as he can remember and the time is finally ripe to bring these songs to life. Every song on fadZ and frenZ was written, composed, produced and arranged by him.

Indeed Zimbabwe has given birth to her very own music powerhouse in true Quincy Jones style. “The primary aim of the project is to write the songs, make the music and match them with the right talent”, said Marova. This offering, according to those who have already listened to it would easily come up with this phrase “certainly the album does not disappoint.”

With a career that spans twenty five years in the industry, Filbert discovered his interest at a very early age by playing in the school marimba band. This soon spilled over into a very exciting period in his life where he played guitar and then keyboards for the highly acclaimed Frontline Kids which dominated the Zimbabwean music scene from 1987 to 1991.

He has teamed up with renowned Zimbabwean artistes throughout his career; playing keyboards with Brian Paul in Z-Brass, playing with the late pianist Jonah Marumahoko in Straight No Chaser; playing with Jazz greats such as Dorothy Masuka, Simangaliso Tutani, Cool Crooners, Jazz Invitation as well as with Chris Berry and Panjea on their debut album. Zimbabwe has already sampled Filbert’s song writing prowess with chart topping hit songs such as B P (Yangu yakwira) sung by Prudence Katomeni Mbofana .

“I have studies in ethnomusicology and I am currently pursuing a degree in Jazz at the Zimbabwe College of Music. He has taught at various institutions including the College of Music, Prince Edward School and the Harare International School.

Filbert brings to this project a world of experience in music . . .

“We play jazz” he says, “and jazz is all about improvisation. What you hear today is not necessarily what you will hear the next time around”.

True to his word, the influences from various genres is apparent. In “Umalukazana”: one hears the unmistakable blend of Zimbabwean contemporary music such as Jiti with Swing and in “Chamunorwa” the distinctive sound of Mhande is brought to life.

Each song on the album is about life in one way or another, and though very different are all intricately connected by a common thread that is woven in a uniquely Zimbabwean way.

The frenZ appearing on this album include:

l Nyengeterayi Zembe on vocals who represented Zimbabwe as a participant in the LaVoix workshop sponsored by Alliance Francaise, the French Embassy in Harare and AFFA as part of Harare International festival of the Arts.

l Vincent Butcher, a French artiste who is one of the most renowned names in Blues harmonica

l Jean Marie Ecay, a prominent lead guitarist in France who really knows his stuff!

l Tarisai Gara, a fresh new voice from Bulawayo, the City of Kings who has worked with gospel great Ivy Kombo

l Charles Chipanga on vocals who is a graduate from the Zimbabwe College of Music and is currently teaching music

l Prudence Katomeni Mbofana on vocals who has been on several world tours with the Cool Crooners and has been a member of Jazz Invitation

l Lynn Andersen, a flutist who was part of an exchange programme between Zimbabwe College of Music and Fredskorpset in Norway

l Bernie Henderson on piano-who teaches music in various music institutions around Harare

l Owen Chimuka on piano who currently plays for Jazz Invitation and is also doing his degree in Jazz at the Zimbabwe College of Music

l Talent Madiro-on backing vocals and

l Sophie Kaereho a music student from Namibia also on backing vocals

July 2006
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