England on anti-Ronaldo bandwagon

Quoting an unnamed source, The Sun newspaper reported that Rooney threatened to “split him in two” when the two next meet.

Ronaldo may be wearing a different uniform when that happens. The British tabloid says United will show Ronaldo the door “because of his World Cup shame”.

Ronaldo, who has spoken of moving to Real Madrid, infuriated England players for his actions in United team-mate Rooney’s sending off during the World Cup quarter-final between England and Portugal. After Rooney stamped on defender Ricardo Carvalho’s groin, Ronaldo rushed to the Argentinian referee to complain. When Rooney was shown the red card, moments after shoving Ronaldo, cameras caught Ronaldo winking ‘ apparently at the Portugal bench.

Citing a top Football Association source, the newspaper reported Rooney’s rant came one day after the penalty shoot-out loss to Portugal in the World Cup quarterfinals. Rubbing salt in the wound, Ronaldo converted the penalty kick that sealed the Portuguese win.

“At breakfast in the hotel this morning, Wayne said he would split him in two and smack him on the head. Who can blame him?” the source told The Sun. “He is determined to settle the score in his own way and there is nothing anyone can do about it.”

The newspaper also said Ronaldo had apparently joked before the game with Rooney that he would get him sent off.

The Sun has joined the anti-Ronaldo bandwagon, printing a mock dartboard with a picture of Ronaldo winking.

“Here’s every England fan’s chance to get revenge on the world’s biggest winker,” the paper said.

Ronaldo, meanwhile, has denied asking the referee for a red card and said he was “very sorry” for Rooney.

“The English Press say the referee gave him a red card because I spoke (to him), but this is not true,” Ronaldo is quoted as saying on Manchester United’s official website. “I said ‘ref this is a foul’ but I did not say ‘red card’ because Wayne is my friend and I play for the same team as him.”

Still the flashy Portuguese winger can apparently expect a torrid reception from other England players.

“I saw what Ronaldo did,” said Steven Gerrard, according to English reports. “I saw him going over to the referee and giving him the card and I think he was bang out of order. If he were one of my team mates I would be absolutely disgusted with him.

“After Wayne was sent off he (Ronaldo) winked at his bench and his team-mates and that just about sums him up as a person. If I were playing against a team-mate from Liverpool and they were involved in a situation like that I would never try to get them sent off.”

Added fellow midfielder Frank Lampard, “He’s supposed to be a team-mate of Wayne’s at Manchester United and he does something like that. It’s not nice, is it? A lot has been made of trying to promote fair play in this tournament and that was certainly not fair play. Unfortunately that’s the way it is with some players. We were told that anyone who tried to get someone else a yellow or red card would get a yellow but it just hasn’t happened.”

Defender John Terry was reportedly upset at the behaviour of other members of the Portuguese squad, including Chelsea team-mate Carvalho. “It’s really disappointing seeing that ‘ players playing in the Premiership too. Team mates as well. It’s disappointing to see them coming over doing that.” ‘ Additional by Sapa-AP.

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