Hands off Zim: Nujoma

Speaking during the launch of the Omusati Education and Training Fund (OETF) this week, Nujoma blamed some media institutions of instigating war between neighbouring countries. He is the patron of the OETF.

“I want to warn the imperialists that if you touch Zimbabwe, you have touched Swapo,” he said.

Swapo and the ruling Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe fought the same common enemy and after independence of the two countries, there was working relations between the two parties. For the said reason, he added, there is no way that the Swapo Party could allow Zimbabwe to be victimised by imperialists.

He said this in the context of any British plans and intentions to send troops to re-conquer Zimbabwe, as the President of Swapo, he will mobilise Namibians to defend Zimbabwe at all cost.

“We fought together with Zanu-PF against the imperialists. Now that they are defeated, they want to manipulate the political situation in Zimbabwe and the DRC because of the rich natural resources in those countries.”

According to Nujoma, it is unfair to have the bulk of the land in Zimbabwe owned by a fraction of white settlers, while the majority of the population is poor and landless.

In his view, the criticism levelled at the Deputy Minister of Lands and Resettlement Isaac Katali is not fair, because the Namibian situation of land ownership is also similar to Zimbabwe’s.

“There are those white people in Namibia who do not want peace and stability in this country, because they do not want to share land. I want to tell them that if they are against peace, they should pack up and go.”

Nujoma lauded the late millionaire Werner List as one of the shining examples of mutual co-existence and sharing of land because he is the only white man in the country who donated six farms to the government out of his own free will.

Concerning the media, the former Head of State specifically singled out the Windhoek Observer’s Editor Hannes Smith who he blamed for not only inciting hatred between neighbouring countries and individual citizens of those countries, but also for glorifying mass murderers of the past apartheid colonial era.

“Only recently he (Smith) published a picture of the notorious former Koevoet (Crowbar) Commander General Hans Dreyer glorifying him for the heinous crimes committed in Namibia and elsewhere.

“I want to state that Dreyer has committed crimes against humanity. He started in Zimbabwe as a member of the equally notorious unit, the Rhodesian Selous Scouts, then after being defeated in Zimbabwe, he was recruited by the then South African colonial regime. ‘ New Era.

July 2006
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