Hope and healing for the hurting

Philippi Trust was founded in 1989 in the United Kingdom by Rev Malcolm Worsley, a trained social worker-cum-probation officer.

The Trust has since developed rapidly to become one of the leading providers of Christian counselling and training both in that country and abroad.

Philippi Trust Namibia was established in 1996 and registered as a charity organisation with the Ministry of Health and Social Services in 1999. The organisation offers training and counselling throughout Namibia, regardless of social, political, geographical or religious status.

Philippi Trust Namibia is affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors, United Kingdom.

Its mission is to provide the highest level of professional and accessible counselling and counselling training to people in need in the greater Namibia.

Through their vision, they aim to provide counselling and counselling training, based on Christian principles, to give the people of Namibia all the psycho-social resources they require, in order to make healthy and informed choices enabling them to determine their own destiny in a self-reliant manner.

The model of counselling at Philippi offers a broad-based counselling service with specialist knowledge in the areas of HIV/AIDS, psycho-social support for orphans and vulnerable children, child abuse and compulsive and dependent behaviour.

The model of counselling is non-abusive, largely non-directive, relationship and scripturally based. It combines the best Christian practices with appropriate secular wisdom in seeking to bring understanding and healing to those in need. The courses will equip Christians in an effective, ethical and caring manner.

Phillipi is an inter-denominational team of Christians who attempt to live out their faith in the service of others.

Counselling is available to all people whether they have faith or are agnostic and the experience thus far is that people from all age groups come to seek help.

Children are counselled, usually with the permission of the parent/guardian, when they contact the office. Counselling is mostly done on an individual basis, but in exceptional cases group counselling is carried out, such as in the instance of a family enduring a traumatic experience.

An assessment is done after the first session and based on this, the family may be advised to receive individual counselling.

The training courses offered are:

Adult training

l Certificate in counselling ‘ Level 1

l Advanced certificate in counselling ‘ Level 2

l Diploma in counselling ‘ Level 3

l Supervision Stage 1

l Supervision Stage 2

Specialist training

l Counselling adult survivors of child abuse

l Counselling hidden compulsions and dependencies

l Counselling HIV/AIDS

Youth training

l Listening and responding skills

l Psycho-social support for orphans and vulnerable children

l Refresher course in counselling skills

It is Philippi’s aim is to bring affordable training to the people and training courses are offered all over Namibia and where possible in the local vernacular.

July 2006
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