More women in Zambia politics

Some aspiring women candidates told ZANIS that all political parties should use the forthcoming polls to increase women participation in national affairs.

Pastor Jane Chungu from Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) said she would like to see women go a step further and exceed the 30 percent representation in parliament.

Chungu however said it was sad to note that women were shying away from eyeing decision-making positions.

“We want to see more women coming into positions of power,” she said, adding that sometimes it is not the men are not giving women a chance, but women themselves fail to apply for positions.

Theresia Chiluba from the Patriotic Front also called for an increase of women in decision-making positions.

”Women have a mother’s heart and will be in the position of treating all citizens of the country like their own children,” she said.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) set a policy of 30 percent women representation in parliament for the whole region. Zambia falls short of the required number of women legislatures with statistics currently pegged at 13 percent.

Meanwhile, Northern Province MMD Chairperson, Griever Sikasote has advised people in Luangeni constituency in Chipata against asking for money from aspiring candidates as this would scare away credible people to stand as councillors.constituency in Chipata against asking for money from aspiring candidates as this would scare away credible people to stand as councillors.

Sikasote said people of Luangeni constituency should not put money first if they were to attract credible people to represent them at local government level.

He was speaking at the launch of MMD election campaign in Luangeni constituency at Kalunga Farm Training Institute in Chipata earlier this week.

Sikasote said with the coming of decentralisation, there was need to vote for credible people who would effectively represent the electorate at local government level.

He advised the constituency executive members to revisit their list of candidates if they felt they made a mistake in recommending some people to stand as councillors in the area.

Mr Sikasote said the ruling party will provide bicycles to its candidates at local government level to enable them reach all parts of the wards to campaign.

Those that witnessed the launch of the party’s election campaign and introduction of Luangeni parliamentary aspiring candidate Angela Cifire, were eastern provincial minister, Boniface Nkhata, regional MMD Chairperson Helen Tembo and other senior provincial and district party officials. ‘ ZANIS

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