Botswana MP supports youths, music

Speaking exclusively to Showbiz at the sideline of the BDP victory celebrations in Tati, Kgathi said: “We are adding a factor of cultural festivals to our politics. The idea is to give young people an opportunity to showcase their talent. We believe these are the activities, which attract young people.”

To underline his determination to see to it that the competitions become reality, he bought a floating trophy for the best choir.

And as a precursor of things to come, the victory rally acted as a launching pad for the competitions and among the groups that gave their all was Jack 2 from Jackalas 2, Motlhakola from Molepolole, Ditlou from Ngwaketse and Re-tla-Re-Ke-Dipitse from the Bobirwa constituency.

Jack2, were however, a marvel to watch, especially the matronly Margaret Tibone and Basetse Mamo who left the audience awestruck as they majestically danced to the beat of drums and rhythmic clapping of hands. Another group that had people eating out of their hands was Matlhakola choir from Molepolole. Their repertoire and vocal rendition were simply out of this world and it was not in vain, as when they finished singing they were given a rapturous standing ovation. Other music groups also performed at the BDP rally, which was held at Tati Primary School.

Kgathi, in collaboration with other members of the culture and publicity subcommittee of the central committee, disclosed that the music part of the celebrations was an idea they want to pursue further.

“Youths, are commonly associated with music and dance. Some of these dances as you may be aware have got distinct cultural identities like Babirwa, Bakalanga, Bakgalagadi and others. “We believe these are the activities which attract young people. With the competitions, we would like to give our young people the chance to show case their talent because we believe such talent can employ them, as is the case with Maxy and others.

“As BDP, we want to pursue these divergent strategies for employment creation,” said Kgathi. He gives as example his group “Re-tla-Re-Ke-Dipitse” whose close to 30 unemployed members derive some income from their performances. ‘ Mmegi/The Reporter.

August 2006
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