‘Discipline: Fighter’s strength’

Promoter and manager of the Nestor-Sunshine Academy, Nestor Tobias, told The Southern Times that the fighter, who has been in camp for the last two months, will have the opportunity to spar with five partners from South Africa and Namibia before the big bout. Tobias shrugged off the view that African boxers are technically superior to European fighters.

“Mihaita Mutu is going for a third try for the title. We are not fooled by any beliefs and take him as a serious contender, because he has only lost two of the three tries,” said Tobias. He went on to say that his ringside would only work on the fact that “Europeans like to fight coming forward”.

“From the videos we have watched, most Europeans fight the same. We will not expect much, except the fact that Mutu cannot be rated at this stage,” added Tobias.

The Namibian camp has ruled out possibilities of complaints or injuries from their ringside and Tobias said he counts on Moses’ discipline in and out of the ring.

“Paulus Moses is a disciplined fighter; you can only compare him to a few on the African continent. In real life, he is as disciplined out of the ring as he is in it. I have never seen another boxer so admired by umpires because of his behaviour in the ring. Indiscipline is one thing that led to the fall of great boxers like Mike Tyson. The Hitman is a different breed. If he was not disciplined he could have run away from camp a long time ago because of the serious training he receives.”

The 61,23 kg boxer says he favours round six as his best round. “I like to make things happen in round six,” says the Namibian.

The Hitman says he will put his trust in his powerful jabs, and the speed with which he lands his blows, from the very beginning.

“If Mutu is still around by the end of the first round, we will start taking every round as it comes, but not beyond round six,” stressed Nestor Tobias.

Moses’ discipline has seen him keep a low profile irrespective of being the reigning Pan-African lightweight champion. He now trains three times a day, beginning with a 10km jog early in the morning and finishing with some sparring and punch bag tactics around 8pm at night.

“It is world-class training. Boxing is a strange sport; if you are ready, nobody can take that away. We know Mutu is also ready,” acknowledged Tobias.

Moses’ challenge to the Romanian Mutu for the vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) Intercontinental lightweight title has drawn world attention. The WBA has already appointed match officials and judges from Bulgaria, England, France and South Africa. On the prospects of Moses relinquishing his police post in the event of a win, the Namibian’s trainer was very diplomatic.

“It will depend on what the world title will come with. If it comes with him having to change base to overseas, then it will be a different matter because a champion is champion, no matter how you treat him.”

August 2006
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