Survivor Africa begins on M-Net

The answer is as straight-forward as the man ‘ he’s been specifically selected by M-NET to be the face of their gritty continental reality series.

Of Nigerian descent, Anthony Oluwakayode Oseyemi has won the coveted role as the host of Survivor Africa on M-NET, a role that sees him in action in Panama as the show gets underway. Though he was born and raised in the UK, Anthony’s heart is as African as his ancestry and belongs firmly to the continent that he now calls home.

When asked about his role on Survivor Africa Anthony says, “When I was selected as the host for Survivor Africa I was honored because as the host I got to represent Africa.

I am proud of my African heritage, it is an undeniable part of who I am, it inspires me, it drives me and it definitely makes me who I am. A multi-talented personality whose list of accomplishments includes stints as producer, director, writer and performer, Anthony took on the role of Survivor Africa host when the show began production earlier in the year. Fans will see him on the small screen from September 3 when M-NET screens the first episode of Survivor Africa.

But just how does Anthony feel about the SURVIVOR AFRICA series? The 5ft, 8in tall Anthony says he feels great excitement at, “the endless possibilities of the participants and what they bring individually and collectively” to the show.

With an honors degree in Performing Arts from the University of North London, Anthony’s international television credits include work for the BBC (Holby and Kerching), ITV (The Bill) and Channel 4 (Viva Liberty).

But the achievement that Anthony is most proud of is deciding what to do with his life because he says “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

This is perhaps good advice that Anthony can pass on to the contestants of Survivor Africa as they battle to find their way to the show’s US$ 100 000 prize.

According to Head of Operations for M-Net in Africa Joseph Hundah, Anthony’s selection for the role mirrors M-NET’s ideals for the show.

“We wanted a reality show that took an international format and added Africa’s own unique signature to it. Anthony is, in fact, a very human symbol of this combination ‘ a global citizen with African roots. The fact that he is authoritative, calm and commands attention in difficult, challenging situations which are fuelled by emotion and adrenaline, are just more reasons for his natural selection to this role.”

Currently working on recording an album in South Africa, it is no wonder then that Anthony quotes one of history’s greatest music talents Bob Marley as his role model.

“Everything he said was positive until the day he died. He used his music to bring change and understanding amongst people. Everyone in the world knows who he is and what he stands for and stood for.”

Everyone in the world might not know Anthony Oseyemi yet but for fans of SURVIVOR AFRICA ON M-NET, he’s going to be unmissable!

The contestants are ‘ Ario (Nigeria), Tebby (Botswana), Chipo (Zimbabwe), Derrick (Kenya), Frieda (Namibia), Meti (Ethiopia), Nana (Ghana), Nike (Nigeria), Jeremiah (Zambia), Leonard (a Zimbabwean living in Zambia), Lloyd (Zambia) and Yaga (Nigeria) ‘ who all participate in an island adventure in Panama that tests mental, physical and emotional stamina in a notoriously difficult environment.

August 2006
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