Zambia’s tourism grows 21 percent

Data obtained from ZNTB indicate that Lusaka recorded the figures at the Lusaka International Airport, recording an increase of 99 percent increase over the same period last year. Figures are, ZNTB says, expected to continue increasing.

Livingstone International Airport posted and increase of 15 percent, with 29,168 arrivals compared to 25,390 last year

Kazungula Border Post, recorded 17.5 percent increase compared to last year.

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This strategic c entry point leads to Livingstone, where the Victoria Falls and other tourist attractions, such as game reserves and the Livinstone Museum are located.

The Victoria Falls Border Post recorded a 24 percent decrease in tourist arrivals.

African regional and European tourism have been contruting most to this figures.

For instance, last year African tourism was responsible for 69 percent of the total number of visitors to Zambia, while Europe contributed 18.2 percent.

The rise in tourism in Zambia has been attributed to intensive marketing of the industry by ZNTB and other stakeholders in tourism.

ZNTB Managing Director Charity Lumpa says multiple tourist destinations packages were also contributing to the rise in the industry.

“Today’s modern traveler seeks to travel to multiple tourist destinations in one trip, this, therefore, makes it imperative for tourist boards and tour operators in the region to go into partnerships. Zambia’s major advantage is the Victoria Falls. Most tour operators in the Southern and Eastern African region incorporate the Falls in their packages,” Lumpa said.

The Visit Zambia Campaign has also been cited as another initiative by the ZNTB for wooing tourists, while ZNTB had lined up Road-Shows in South Africa and Namibia for the month of August. Similar roadshows were conducted in USA and Canada

between 12th and 15th June in San Francisco, Washington, Los Angels, New Jersey, Dallas and Toronto.

During the roadshows ZNTB made presentations to the travel trade and travel media and distributed promotional materials, such as brochures and CDROMS.

August 2006
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