Chiluba flown back to SA

Chiluba was only allowed to go back to South Africa on Wednesday after a court order demanded that he be examined to determine whether he was fit to stand trial over his numerous cases of corruption and abuse of office that he allegedly committed during his 10-year tenure as president country since he wrestled power from Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 1991.

Chiluba was allowed to go back to Garden City Clinic in South Africa after the team of doctors found that his condition was still not good.

The doctors that examined Chiluba’s heart condition last Monday wrote to the court that Chiluba, who though naturally small has continued looking frail from the time he was discharged in July, and should be evacuated to South Africa.

His passport has accordingly been released by the Lusaka High Court to pave way for his travel. There have been fears that if Chiluba keeps his travel documents he can flee like did one of his co-accused Xavier Chungu the former spy boss.

The charismatic and self-proclaimed political dribbler stayed in SA attending hospital from March to July until the Zambian government decided to intervene because of the chocking lodging and medical bills it was accruing. Although constitutionally as former president Chiluba is entitled to such privileges it was at the time decided that he be taken back to Lusaka.

It was then agreed that Chiluba continues with his medical reviews in Zambia instead of indefinitely remaining in South Africa.

This week president Levy Mwanawasa assured the nation that “government would continue taking care of Chiluba’s medical needs.”

While Chiluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba said the former head of state was still in a bad state, Chiluba told curious journalists and sypathisers before his departure at Lusaka International Airport: “I hope to get well soon, and I pray to God that I will be okay.”

“His condition is still worrying, that is why he needs to be close to his doctors in South Africa,” said Mwamba.

Despite being an outgoing person, Chiluba, a former trade unionist, and once an outspoken politician, has been scarcely seen in public, nor has he made any political pronouncements ahead of this September tripartite elections as generally expected of him, leaving Zambians either crossing their fingers about his fate.

Since Independence Zambia has had three presidents; Kaunda (82)-1964 to 1991, Chiluba (63)-1991 to 2001 and Mwanawasa (57)-2001 to date.

September 2006
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