Zim woman out of Survivor Africa

The oldest contestant in the show and a member of the Kuna tribe, she was ejected after four of her fellow teammates (Yaga, Nana, Lloyd, Meti) voted against her in a tension-filled tribal council elimination. A mother of two, Chipo had assumed a maternal role in the Kuna tribe which was illustrated when she led a democratic and emotional discussion to have Ethiopia’s Meti eliminated for her apparent lack of strength. Then the tribe, which also includes Namibia’s Frieda, voted and the result told a different story. Strong-willed Chipo was outplayed, her torch was extinguished and she was out of the game.

Chipo’s exit was a dramatic end to a fast-paced show that saw the 12 Survivor Africa contestants face off in two challenges: one for reward and the other for immunity. Both challenges proved successful for the Kunas’ opposing tribe Embera, which won a flint to start a fire in the first challenge, then won immunity from the tribal council when they hit the water and won their second challenge!

For Botswana’s Tebby, Nigerians Ario and Nike, Zambia’s Jeremiah, Zimbabwean Leonard and Kenya’s Derrick early success meant the Embera tribe found life on the island a little better this week ‘ though Derrick did find himself in trouble with the female members of his tribe for taking a personal decision on where to build the shelter!

Back at Kuna, even before the tribal council, the tension was high! Ghana’s Nana accidentally broke Meti’s reading glasses and agonised at putting his fellow tribe member at a disadvantage in the game. With no fire, the Kuna were also unable to cook and as the humidity soared in the Pearl Islands, they found themselves behind in the game, struggling to catch up with the dominant Embera.

What will Episode Three bring as the race for US$ 100 000 continues? Will Kuna find their rhythm? Will the tribes find food? And who will be the next to leave?

September 2006
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