Mosquito nearly killed

This comes amid reports that even the referee who handled the fight, John Chagu, is not accredited with the commission and that the promoter, Shomari Kimbau, some months ago organised yet another unsanctioned match where a Commonwealth Boxing Council title was put up in Ghana without the knowledge of the international body.

Not only will he be punished, but boxer Matumla, who had prior to the tournament been warned not to take part, could also be struck off the International Boxing Federation ratings.

Onesmo Ngowi, the TPBC, East and Central African Professional Boxing Federation and IBF Africa president, on Monday said the humiliating issue has also been listed for the annual general meeting of the Commonwealth Boxing Council which takes place in London next month.

He said: “The fight took place illegally and even the mentioned TPBC referee was a phony. We are for suspension and a lawsuit against the promoter. Mbwana would be censured. It was no fight at all as Zvenyika was floored in the first minute of the first round. He nearly died in the ring.

“This is a serious matter that as members of the Commonwealth Boxing Council, we must all do everything possible to safeguard the rules and regulations of this sweet science. These are the kind of activities that we have to stop in Africa. We must stand firm. There is always monkey business in this sport, but we should do everything possible and make sure that we contain these promoters. Legal actions will definitely be taken to deter such behaviour in future.”

The Tanzania boxing commission boss also asked his public relations officer, Boniface Wambura, to issue a Press statement which was published in The Daily newspaper of that country.

Zvenyika travelled to Dar es Salaam a fortnight ago without the blessings of the Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (ZNBWCB) for what was labelled an IBF/Africa title fight. The former Commonwealth champion, reportedly dogged by a series of health problems, sneaked out of Harare in the company of a Tanzanian agent, and went on to fight Matumla in a scheduled 12-round bout at Mlimani Park, Dar es Salaam.

ZNBWCB chairman Richard Hondo, in a message to Ngowi in which he described “Mosquito” as “a cripple”, wrote:<BR>
“Thanks for standing so firm on this matter. Now you know that I was telling you the truth when I said Zvenyika is a very sick man and could be killed in the ring. We would never have tried to stop him from coming there if his health was OK. Evil succeeds when good men do nothing.”

Meanwhile, boxing critics from Zimbabwe have also been protesting the staging of the fight, saying this was clearly an act of match-fixing as Zvenyika had lost five consecutive times in his last six matches and drawn once.

On the other hand, Matumla, nicknamed “Africa’s Golden Boy”, has won 17 out of the 19 fights so far, 15 of them being knockouts.

The Tanzanian promoter is on record as having told another publication in the country that he did not care what action his local commission would take against him, maintaining he had sought permission from a United States- based boxing body.

The humiliated Zvenyika, travelling by bus, arrived in Harare on Thursday last week and is now awaiting his fate. This will be the second time that he faces the wrath of Zimbabwean boxing governing board after he was hauled before the ZNBWCB in April last year after he had refused to fulfil a fixture.

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