Over 400 firms set to exhibit in Windhoek

Windhoek Show Society (WSS), which is organising the annual business exhibition, said that of the 50 foreign firms, the bulk of them, 40, are from South Africa whilst 10 companies would be coming from Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iceland.

WSS president Theo Schoeman, who is also managing director of Schoemans Office Systems of Namibia, said the show, which is going to be spiced with a lot of entertainment, would run from September 29 to October 7.

South Africa, the region’s economic powerhouse, which still retains a grip on Namibia’s economy, dominates the foreign exhibitors and Schoeman attributed this to historical links the country enjoys with Namibia.

South African companies still straddle the Namibian economy from mining, retail outlets to financial institutions and even agriculture.

“Our economies are still very much close to each other; there is still quite a heavy presence of South African companies in Namibia though the focus of this show is to exhibit Namibian products,” Schoeman said.

However, concern was being raised that Namibia should gradually reduce its dependence on South African goods at the same time encouraging local firms to grow to internationally accepted standards.

Schoeman said the annual business showcase has taken cognisance of the importance of the agricultural sector in Namibia and is going to have up to 200 agricultural exhibitors, most of whom are going to feature livestock. Of particular interest would be the showcasing of Arabian horses of the finest breed.

Schoeman said that the major aim of the show is to promote Namibian businesses and this year the organisers have created a special hall for Namibian exhibitors.

“The purpose is to showcase Namibian products which is the reason why we have created the Namibia hall,” Schoeman said.

He said that they are also introducing new products and services such as the livestock competition.

Entertainment is going to range from live music and helicopter rides and Schoeman said that they expect an attendance of about 110 000 fun-seeking showgoers as well as business people.

September 2006
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