SA dance music to get exciting

The Soul Candi group, led by Harael Salkow, has been part of the music industry for five years. They have helped many emerging club DJs realise their dreams by signing them to their label.

Soul Candi Session Three has been compiled and produced by five vinyl spinners, including four unknown township lads who teamed up with 5FM DJ, Roger Goode.

The young and upcoming DJs are Terence, Kent, Tumi and Euphonik. The album is the first ever three-CD house compilation in South Africa. DJ Mbuso mixed the previous two albums, both of which went gold.

They’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure this CD offers something people have not heard before. The combination of various elements like funk, traditional South African and deep house make this 40-track album an excellent buy.

During an interview Terence about the album he had this to say: “Our music is improving day by day, as we are using culturally diverse sounds for the masses.”

Euphonik was asked why he decided to follow in the footsteps other DJs such as Fresh, Christos and Vinny Da Vinci by compiling the album.

“We play music for people who enjoy South African dance music. It is pointless for us to compile what we don’t dig, so we stick to what we do best.”

Goode elaborated further: “I want to be instrumental ‘ if not pioneering ‘ in establishing an international platform for the special music culture that has emerged from our exceptional social structure in South Africa.

“It is not only for local exhibition but to educate the foreigners. They have something to learn from us.”

On this CD there are tracks such as Love Affair, Where I Wanna Be, Poor People, Time After Time remix, Got To Love Somebody and the popular hit, Dada Song.

Ultimately, the mechanics of the dance floor revolve around just one thing ‘ good dance music. It is time to get back to basics, and get back on the dance floor. ‘Tonight.

September 2006
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