Regional training goes into top gear

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has been established with the aim to provide services which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of vocational education and training in Namibia. It encourages and supports the expansion of training places to enable more Namibians to become skilled and find gainful (self-) employment.

Under the theme “Maximising Effectiveness of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Southern Africa, the conference seeks to promote partnerships between government s, industries, businesses and education and training providers in the project in SADC.

The conference, which will be officially opened by the Namibian Priminister, the Right Honourable Nahas Angula, will also feature an exhibition that will grant participants, as well as interested parties , an opportunity to showcase relevant products, programmes, international best practices, learning products and students materials.

It is expected that between 200 and 250 delegates will attend the conference.

Participants at the conference will be granted an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas and developments with world-renowned education and traininfg specialists, as well as key representatives from governments, businesses, enterprises, NGOs, Parastatals, local authorities, multi-lateral institutions, international organisations, employer and employee federations and associations, unions and research organisations.

The conference will be addressed a number of eminent regional business personalities, development consultants and educators.

According to Mr Ron Kukler, NTA Project Co-ordinator, it is the medium to long-term aim of the conference to ensure a uniform set of standards fro various trades and occupations throughout the region. This will enable a person trained and certificated in on SADC member country to find employment in any of the other participating member countries, having his or her qualifications fully accepted.

The NTA has been actively engaged in drawing up unit standards and drafting and compiling the first sets of training manuals fro various occupations. These can be used by organisations to train learners or students. The manuals have taken into account that English may not be the home language of the trainees and have been written in grammatically correct, but simple, down-to-earth English.

October 2006
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