Botswana’s branch wins FNB-Trophy

To say it up front: Ross Branch rode like a world champion and won the FNB-Trophy with a maximum number of points.

In the Open Class, there was a duel between Tommi Gous and Ronnie Adams. However they didn’t fight for the day’s victory, since there were other 125ers who could deal much better with the deep sand at the coast.

Branch won the hole shot in the 1. heat, closely followed by Tommi Gous, while Adams was to be found chasing the midfild. In midfield Lebatha gave his best shot, realising that his two-stroke KTM pulled extremly well on this kind of surface. The pack just started the second lap when Lebatha crashed at the mini-jump in front of the finish-table.

Far ahead of the pack Ross Branch spooled his lonesome rounds. In the meantime, the acting 125cc Champ Frank Klosta was able to get past Gous and expertly stayed in 2nd . Gous had to watch out for Brannigan “Animal” Wise who wanted to cash him in as well. Then Adams crashed and all chances for a position improvement were gone.

In the 2. heat the same game: Branch is up and away,while Adams, Gous and Wise fight with all their might and once again young Klosta storms in from behind, leaving the established stars of the Open Class thunderstruck. Then Wise storms past Adams and Gous.

Adams is the fourth to cross the finish line ahead off Gous, making the experienced humiliation somewhat bearable.

In the FNB King of the Dirt race: Branch is up front and on a winning streak, doing his little aerobatics and one can practically see how much fun he has. Adams and Gous are in the pursuer role this time, but Wise comes along in seven-league boots.

He leaves Gous and Adams behind but after a further lap the track commentator announces another “game over” for Wise and his damaged engine.

Meanwhile, Frank Klosta has warmed up, getting past Adams and then past Tommi Gous. When young Alexanter Howard gets ready to do the same thing, the race track sounds like a madhouse. Gous and Adams now give all they’ve got. This heat alone was worth the entry-fee.

Results FNB King of the Dirt

1. Ross Branch, Botswana, KTM, 20 points

2. Frank Klosta, Refrigeration Services-Yamaha, 17

3. Tommi Gous, Zenner Novel-Yamaha, 15

4. Ronnie Adams, J’germeister-Suzuki, 13

5. Alexander Howard, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 11

6. Shawn Bruwer, J’germeister-Suzuki, 10

7. Keith Weaver, USA, Daddy’s-Suzuki, 9

8. Jose Texeira, Angola, J’germeister-Suzuki, 8

9. Jessica Ratheiser, Electrolight-KTM, 7

10. David Campbell, S’dafrika, Suzuki, 6

October 2006
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