Guitar legend appears in Windhoek

With the beautiful Inhlanini, as the soloist, who like no other in Madiba country creates bridges between the typical Cape Town ‘goema’ styles and world music.

With Shake , as the ‘melody-maker’ of Tananas ‘ that greatest of all South African bands, which was robbed of its hub and deprived of its heart beat when Gito Baloy, the Tananas bass guru, died so tragically in 2002, ruthlessly mugged by the proverbial RSA car hi-jackers.

With Roger Moore’s Love Affair with Peter Seller , as the duo Steve Newman & Tony Cox ‘ the only South African guitar duo capable of ‘ and famous for ‘ playing two different songs at the same time with no-one in the audience complaining.

Back to the aliens ‘ these creatures would, after discovering and decoding the sealed package ‘ possibly see the world in a different light, consider it a peaceful entity, one worth discovering and treating as a potential friend and (provided they are a comparably developed species) as an equal partner.

So divine is Steve Newman, when he plays his guitar, that aliens and humans alike are bound to sit back and listen ‘ attentively. The tones and melodies coming from a simple six string guitar have secret ‘Muti’ power ‘ capturing young and old, man and woman, earthling and alien.

For the old Steve Newman fans words and promotion efforts are futile ‘ a single whisper released on Independence Avenue suffices to announce his ‘come back’. This effort, however, aims at capturing those who are not in the know, those, especially the serious listeners, who might come and witness and explore Steve’s rich musical knowledge and skills and who will find themselves ‘ in awe, like the rest of us.

Discography ‘ withTananas: Tananas, Spiral, Time, Orchestra Mundo, Uuna Muna Cua, Seed, Alive In Jo’burg, The Collection with others: The Aquarian Quartet (Steve, Tony Cox , Syd Kitchen & Greg Georgiades ) The World In a Guitar ( Aquarin Quartet + Errol Dyers , Madala Kunene , Saudiq Khan , Edi Niederlander , Ashish Joshi & Kesivan Naidoo ) Mondetta ( featuring Gito baloi & Wendy Oldfield ) About Time ( Steve & Tony ) Steve Newman ( Solo )

Current collaborations: with the RSA ‘Aquarian Quartet’ featuring Greg Georgiades (guitar) and Ashid Joshi (tabla), with Ian Hermann (ex Tananas Drummer) and with the ‘usual suspects’ Syd Kitchen (guitar), Chris Tokalon (Saxophone) and Errol Dyers (guitar).

Tickets cost N$ 35 in advance (available at the Warehouse Theatre, Tuesday through Saturdays, 10h00 – 18h00) and N$45 at the door.

The performance dates are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8, 10 and 11 November 2006.

November 2006
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