‘Apologies are not enough’

PACON chairperson Johannes Tjitjo said in Windhoek on Wednesday that the institute stood fully behind those advocating unconditional reparations for the damage and harm that had been caused by the colonial “masters”.

The Pan-African Centre of Namibia fully supports the right of all Africans to stand up and demand unconditional reparations for the theft and damage done to our people. The colonialists and imperialists responsible for this intolerable human carnage should not only apologise, but should also take full responsibility for their actions and those of their children,” said Tjitjo.

Tjitjo added that in the context of Namibia, “we should do all in our power to be united and speak in one solid voice. We should plan the strategy for our battle in this regard by, first and foremost, standing together as brothers and sisters if we are to win the fight for what is rightfully ours. As a matter of fact and principle, the whole of Africa should stand up and demand full reparations for the slave trade which dislocated our people, who today do not have any identity; for the rape of our women; for the almost total wiping-out of the Herero and all the other Namibian communities; and for the theft of our diamonds and other natural resources, which built the skyscrapers in the so-called developed world. We should all understand that a single life of any African man or woman is precious to the entire continent of Africa.” He concluded by exclaiming: “Thus, unity is power!”

November 2006
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