Nokia easing into Namibia?

The global mobile phone manufacturer has pledged that the training facility will benefit Namibia in the area of human resources and infrastructure and will boost UNAM’s and the country’s capacity in the area of information and technology ahead of the Nokia Corporation’s intended move into Namibia.

The Design Director of Nokia, Eero Miettinen from Finland, stated that Nokia was convinced that the academic collaboration would greatly benefit all participants and lead to fruitful implementations in Namibian and Finnish culture, commerce, industries and education.

The collaboration between UNAM and Nokia Corporation is the first of its kind at UNAM, though similar programmes already exist in Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Miettinen said co-operation could only be feasible through exchange and educational programmes, which would in the end result in actual research.

“Nokia design research participants would collaborate by providing the know-how on applications of mobile communication, as well as mobile equipment for field and other research purposes,” Miettinen said.

Officials said the initial stages of the training are going to begin in 2007 and run for six months and the programme would then be upgraded into other stages.

The co-operation in human resources training in mobile phone technology comes barely a few months after the global mobile phone manufacturer has been discreetly recruiting staff in a move analysts said could signal the entrance of Nokia Corporation into the Namibian market.

A few months ago Nokia, which does not have offices in Namibia, flighted adverts in the local press for senior and executive positions for the Namibia operation.

November 2006
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