Beira Port to be rehabilitated

The Beira port was privatised in 1998 under a concession envisaged for 25 years, and has since been performing below desired standards. Beira fishing port has obsolete equipment, and the situation was worsened by damages caused by a series of cyclones in 2001.

The national director of Fishing and Economy, Herminio Tembe told The Southern Times in Maputo that relevant issues pertaining to the rehabilitation, including the viability study, credit lines and consultancy have been concluded and US$21m would be required for their entire process.

According to Tembe, the African Development Bank, BADEA, and the Islamic Development Bank, IDB would provide funding for the revival of fishing port.: “We have invited port users to present their views on the project, and we have informed them about the procedures and what they should do during the rehabilitation period since most of them are still using some port facilities for their activities”, he said.

The Beira port also serves interland countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi in the exports of cargo and sea food.

Zimbabwe, which is traditionally the largest user of the port of Beira accounting for 65 per cent of the volume of cargo handled by the port, is economically moribund.

“Our great expectation is that things will improve in Zimbabwe since crisis are cyclical. Mozambique has already passed through the same difficulties, and now it is promoting development policies, from which results are beginning to take shape”, he said.

The amount of Zimbabwean cargo held is about 40 percent, 15 percent by Mozambique while the remaining 45 percent is shared between Malawi and Botswana.

Beira Port is the most modernized in southern Africa operating within a framework policy which allows it to look to the future in a very calm and positive way.

December 2006
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