DBSA prioritises ICT projects

A statement released by the DBSA last week said that, of this amount, over 50 percent was committed to projects outside of South Africa.

“This is only 11 percent of the total projects approved, committed and disbursed,” said DBSA ICT specialist George Finger.

DBSA annual report 2005/6 financial year, reported that the DBSA approved investment to the tune of R445-million in the South African ICT sector, with a further R504-million approved for other SADC countries.

“At DBSA, we understand that we have a significant role to play in helping SADC countries to address the challenges they face with regards to ICT development.

“To this end, the bank will continue to contribute to ICT development by mobilising finance and expertise, and by establishing smart partnerships, to develop infrastructure and improve access to affordable ICT services for the people living in the region,” Finger said, adding that the bank considered ICT development as a key enabler of this goal. As such, the DBSA is committed to supporting projects and programmes aimed at accelerating ICT development.

Meanwhile, Finger said that many countries in the SADC region had yet to reap ICT benefits as the growth and penetration of ICT continued to lag.

“Unfortunately, the ICT sector in most SADC countries is characterised by relatively high retail prices, licensing delays, minimal financial investment and slow liberalisation and privatisation.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of people in the region still did not have access to affordable ICT services.

Many countries in the region still had to modernise and expand their telecommunications infrastructure to support new innovations in ICT services.

December 2006
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