Nokia Face finalist clinches deal

But now, the young beauty is set to launch her first advertisement campaign after signing a three months lucrative deal worth thousands of dollars with the Zambia Dairy Processors Association (ZDPA).

As the face of ZDPA, Mulenga will endorse Milk as an important daily nutritional supplement.

“It’s important for young Zambians to start taking Milk on a regular basis because of the health benefits. Milk is good for the body and great for the skin,” said 18 year old Mulenga who at age 17 was the youngest of the Nokia Face of Africa Finalist.” I do take milk every day”.

Mulenga who holds a diploma in Business Administration also told Southern Times in Lusaka that she has signed a modeling contract with O Models Africa, an agency started by Jan Malan, the organizer of the Face of Africa Competition.

“It’s wonderful to be doing something you love in your own country and people appreciate it. And as for the international contract with O Models Africa, hopefully I will be opening doors for people that have not been exposed,” said Mulenga, now based in Johannesburg but was in the country to make a television appearance in readiness for the launch of the Milk Campaign slated for next month.

Despite all that she has achieved at such a young age, Mulenga says she owes her success to her families who have been very supportive of her modeling career.

“Am happy in living in South Africa and am learning a lot about the modeling industry,” she said.

And Chiti Mwewa of Chasemah Media and Advertising says beauty and intellect made her a perfect candidate for the Milk campaign.

“Not only does she have beauty and grace but she is also very articulate and hard working young lady. Nobody else would have perfect for this campaign,” said Mwewa, who is a Mulenga’s promoter for the milk campaign.

However he admitted that finding a product for Mulenga to endorse was challenging as most companies were not willing to pay the required fees.

“I approached ZDPA after I noticed that they did not have a face that went with their milk campaign and after making our presentation they agreed to pay the amount we demanded. The same cannot be said for other companies who thought our fees were exorbitant,” said Mwewa.

And the future for the model known for her luscious looks, “I strongly believe in life’s for many possibilities and I hold the motto “the sky is the limit”. I am inspired by my dad because he encourages me take risks and exceed myself,” she says.

And perhaps, in a twist of fate, the sponsors of Face of Africa have opted not to renew their committment to the model competition and have chosen to focus their resources on other projects in 2007.

This means that the search for Africas next top model will not take place this year. As to whether the competition might return next year, anxious models can only wait.

March 2007
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