Corruption charges will not damage ANC — Zuma

”The trial will not affect the ANC at all. If there are charges that the state thinks need to be answered, no citizen can refuse. If there are charges, I’m more than ready to defend myself and prove my innocence,” he said.

He said the trials would affect a citizen of South Africa who was not above the Constitution.

Zuma, who said he was visiting his FRELIMO “comrades”, also stressed the importance of strengthening relations between the ANC and FRELIMO, Mozambique’s ruling party.

On the Zimbabwean issue, he said there was need for a negotiated solution between ZANU-PF and the MDC which could pave the way forward in finding a solution for problems in that country.

“The leadership on both sides should realise that negotiations are a matter of give and take, and of compromise,” he told reporters after arriving in Mozambique on Tuesday night.

Zuma also said the question of regional integration was strategic for all SADC members and that Zimbabwe would be back on its feet.

Zuma was on a two-day official working visit to Mozambique where he visited FREMIMO offices and met Mozambique President Armando Guebuza on Thursday.

On Wednesday, he visited some South African-owned businesses in Maputo province after depositing a wreath of flowers on the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Mozambique’s Heroes Acre.

Meanwhile, Zuma has described the West as hypocrites over the way they have treated Zimbabwe.

In a recent interview with Sunday Vision of Uganda, Zuma said there have been problems on the continent, but the West does not raise the alarm as it has done with regard to Zimbabwe.

He said millions of people died in Angola, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and northern Uganda, but the West kept silent.

August 2008
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