Zim parties urged to refuse outside influence

Dean of the diplomatic corps, who is also DRC ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mwanananga Mwawapanga said the parties should appreciate that they are the ones who will live with the solution that will emerge from the talks, and not people outside the country.

“It is a Zimbabwean thing which may be difficult for someone outside to understand,” he said.

“They need to come up with a solution that they will be able to live with.”

Mwawapanga said parties to the negotiations should respect and accommodate each other in order to come up with an acceptable solution.

He said the parties should appreciate that they did not have a choice besides negotiating since none of them secured a majority in Parliament to be able to govern the country.

The parties should also appreciate that some countries did not want the negotiations to succeed and would do everything to derail them.

“African countries want Zimbabwean people to come together. We applaud the dialogue,” he said.

Mwawapanga said African countries viewed the negotiations as the maturation of the political process in Zimbabwe following a first round presidential election which failed to produce an outright winner, necessitating a second round.

He said now that the election was over and hostilities had dissipated, it was time to come together and govern the country.

“Everyone has to come together. It is time for dialogue. Everyone should bring something on the table,” he said.

Mwawapanga reminded the parties that while outsiders might influence them to kill the talks, they would be safe in their countries while Zimbabwe was burning.

He noted that while the parties might want to defend their individual interests, they could only do that while inside the country and therefore should not allow it to disintegrate. ‘ New Ziana.

August 2008
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