Bots parly candidates rope in musicians

Leader of South African popular disco outfit Dan Tshanda of the Splash fame was in Botswana on Wednesday and Thursday to drum up support for Par¬liamentary candidates of the ruling Botswana Demo¬cratic Party (BDP) ahead of general and presidential elections this weekend.
Tshanda was accompa¬nied by his pop reggae group, Matshikos.It has become tradition for Bot¬swana’s political parties to use musicians during their campaigns as a way to woo potential voters.
Opposition parties, the Botswana national Front (BNF) and the Botswana Congress Party used local artists when they launched their campaigns.
The live performance by the South African stars was free.
Tshanda and his groups were expected to start a disco-filled rally ahead of the October 16 general elections.

In an interview before the rally, Gaborone South East Parliamentary Candi¬date, Botsalo Ntuane said the move was necessitated by the fact that artists were crowd pullers and would help win over voters.
“You will realise that even other parliamentary candidates used musicians in their rallies and this had produced the desired results,” he said.

He said Tshanda is on tour to perform for him and another candidate adding that he will stage another show for another BDP Parliamentary candi¬date Odirile Motlhale for South East South constitu¬ency.
“We expect voters to turn out in large numbers to the rallies and this will be the opportunity to in¬form them of our aims and what we promise to do for them should they vote for us.
We will be able to get our messages across,” he said.

According to Ntuane Splash is a big brand and there is no doubt that it is a household name in Botswana as many people can easily identify with it, especially potential voters.
He also said that some of the group’s fans were eager to see them perform live.
Tshanda, is the brains behind the success of art¬ists like Patricia Majalisa, Matshikos, Don B, Nditsh¬eni, Dalom Kids, Peacock, Splash among others.
His Splash festivals that used to be held an¬nually in Botswana were crowd pullers.

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